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FreeCharge aims to become the largest mobile payments platform in India

A visit to the FreeCharge office is what it took for us to realize how rapidly SnapDeal acquired company is growing. FreeCharge has been processing a million transactions a day and is seeing a 15% growth in monthly transactions since then, FreeCharge CEO Govind Rajan told. I was amazed with the cool office setup they […]

Axis Bank ThoughtFactory

Axis Bank Launches Thought Factory Innovative Lab facility to help startups in India

Axis Bank, One of the third largest Banks in India announced the launch of Thought Factory an innovative lab facility which aims to accelerate the development innovative technology solutions for banking sector. With an acceleration program the Bank has already appointed eight members in-house team to work with the startups. This team will work with […]

get an edge in class

Get an edge in class – Try these 5 awesome apps

When it comes to this modern age of innovation and automation, some teenagers these days seem to know what’s in and what’s not, even before the product is actually launched. It’s true that students use applications for particularly everything, not just for entertainment purposes, but for other purposes such as studying and managing tasks as […]

Play along with Pokémon

Play Along With Pokémon Go to Build Your Business

If you haven’t seen the players yourself — people of all ages wandering around in public areas, their eyes glued to smartphones and tablets — certainly you’ve seen news stories or articles about “Pokémon Go.” You might be wondering what all the hype is about. I’m not into gaming and didn’t really care — until […]


How An Improved E-Commerce Design Can Help Your Online Business

If you have been noticing a dip in sales for your business, it’s time to act fast. The dip may be due to any number of causes. One of the most pernicious dangers to your business is one that’s very hard to spot in time to do anything about it. It doesn’t even have to […]

WordPress Security Tips

5 Ultimate Tips for your WordPress Website Safety

Being the most popular and most preferred platform for building websites, WordPress is a common target for many spammers and hackers. WordPress is certainly well-recognized for being one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CMSs available on the internet, unfortunately, out-of-the-box it is extremely vulnerable to security threats. In fact, over 70% of the WordPress […]

earn money online using your website

5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from your Blog or Website

Blogging has been the main source of income for many bloggers. Blogging has been growing in popularity since couple of years due to its major benefits and the most favorite of its advantage is Blogging is the best source to paid writing. As we all know that Blogging is no more limited to sharing knowledge but […]

Logbar ring

7 “Top to Toe” Wearable Gadgets You May Not Know

We’re living in the era of technology which makes our lives significantly easier. Nowadays, you can easily connect to the internet with Wi-Fi while back in time this was completely impossible. Furthermore, we use smartphones, fancy laptops, and tablets on a daily basis. But, a progress of technology doesn’t stop there. We’re also witnessing the […]


Top Indian Web Host MilesWeb Review: Unlimited Hosting in India

MilesWeb is the new revolution in the Cyber world with a bag full of web hosting possibilities. Recently it has come up some unlimited offers and plans in the field of Web Hosting. All these plans are applicable both for shared users and individual users as well. This web host has mostly concentrated over Windows […]

Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

Creating a Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

Crowdfunding sites, for example, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Kickstarter have helped get some awesome projects off the ground including A purchaser 3D printer The Ouya computer game console The Pebble watch Nonetheless, if you have a task you need to discover financial backers for, or you need to make your own fundraising community, there is currently […]



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