Say Cheese! Easy Tips to Improve Mobile Photos

Some do it to record life events, some just do it for fun, while others get into it because they love sharing pictures. Whatever the reasons why people do it, mobile photography is getting a lot of attention even from professional photographers. Today, even mobile photo exhibitions are done in art … [Read more...]

5 Must Have Apps for the iPhone

It is sometimes hard to believe that 15 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to not own a mobile phone, period. The idea of smartphones was starting to surface, but the idea of them being as common place as they are today was as bizarre a thought as ordinary people wanting their own computers was back in … [Read more...]

HOW TO Be a Part of Apple’s App Store: a Brief Tutorial

If you've dreamed of having your own apps on Apple’s app store you are at the right place. This tutorial is going to browse through just how to do that. First you need to register as an Apple developer – this is free. Registering as an iOS developer however, costs you $99 USD. If you are a … [Read more...]

10+ Great Time-Wasting iPhone Apps for Kids

Children these days are getting more interested in using devices such as Iphone and iPads. There are countless applications that you can download on your iPhone that would be a great time wasting moment with your kids. Allow your kids to enjoy and be entertained with the learning and education value … [Read more...]

Apps that Will Ease the Life of Travelers

This is the age of technology and gadgets like iPhone. Thus, if we say that iPhone is the gadget, which is capable of changing our lifestyles, then it will not be wrong. In prior ages, people preferred to ask recommendation before doing anything. After sometime, they started using internet for the … [Read more...]

HOW TO Record Skype Calls On Your iPhone or iPad

Skype services have been enabling people to connect faster and with much simplicity. People use Skype on many devices and iPhones and iPad are primary ones in that category. Though making and receiving calls can said to be one aspect of this service; another aspect would obviously be the ability to … [Read more...]

IPhone 5 could Be First iPhone with Wireless Charging

So, are you also fascinated by the concept of wireless charging feature in the new upcoming iPhone 5? Honestly and agreeably; it does sounds like a ‘super-cool’ idea! Obviously, we have all fantasized of simply stepping in our room or a portion of house and the phone battery begins to charge … [Read more...]

Why Google Currents is the Best App for Android, iPad and iPhone

Technology Makes the World Go Round The world today is more technologically advanced than we could have even imagined twenty years ago. Our grandparents couldn’t have imagined such devices that we carry with us everywhere and that keep us connected to someone across the globe with the click of a … [Read more...]

Top 5 Crazy iPhone Apps

There are iPhone apps for nearly every conceivable purpose. After all, there are roughly a half million of them currently available on the iTunes App Store. From social networking to education to games, developers seem to have covered the entire spectrum. We've seen the cell phone go from a … [Read more...]

4 Apps to Scan Business Cards on your iPhone

Scanning Business Cards help you create contacts easily. Following we have discussed 4 iPhone Business Card Scanner Apps using which you can easily create contacts on your iPhone. You can navigat through the pages below to view different apps. Update: ScanBizCards is another app with 27 features … [Read more...]

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