HOW TO Make A Custom iPhone Icon for Your Blog

If you are using an iPhone, you must be knowing that when you save a bookmark on the Homescreen, the iPhone makes an icon of the last visited page from that site. This is by default that the iPhone uses the snapshot of the last visited page as the icon for the bookmark. But if you are a Blogger, you … [Read more...]

How to Replace Newer,Home and Older Post Links With Images in Blogger

At the end of your Blogger Page, you would see links to Newer Posts, Home and Older Posts which doesn't look good. Perhaps my perception would match yours :D This post explains how you can replace these links with images to make the footer of your Blogger Blog look … [Read more...]

Optimize Blogger Post Titles for Better SEO

The title of your page is of much importance when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. The title of the Page is a key to get more traffic especially from organic search. Have you ever noticed the default Blogger Post title in Google? Here is an example: The name of the Blog is shown before … [Read more...]

How to add Favicon to your Blogger Blog

You must already be knowing that all your Blogger Blogs have the Favicon of the Blogger logo which you can see above. This is the Favicon which is seen next to your website's URL in the browser. It is also known as pageicon or urlicon.  You may wish to change this favicon with your own logo. This … [Read more...]