Top 5 Printing extensions for Google Chrome browser

Printing from your browser Don’t you love it when you can edit and print anything with just one click in your Google Chrome browser? This is all possible only with chrome extensions. With printing extensions for Google Chrome, you can conveniently modify your web pages before you print … [Read more...]

Inbox Pause: Put New Emails on Hold & Let People Know That You are Not Accepting New Emails

When I am on a holiday, I would not like to be busy replying to my emails. Being very active on the internet, I get a lot of emails from Advertisers, Guest article requests, performance reports and a lot more. The personal inbox would have much more including emails from Facebook which haven't … [Read more...]

Prevent Facebook Social Reader Apps From Posting Updates on Your Wall

Facebook underwent a lot of changes which were showcased in the Facebook F8 conference a few months back. Facebook introduced Timeline, Ticker and Social Reader Apps. Facebook Social Reader apps let you discover news through your friends. You friends read content on some well-known news sites … [Read more...]

HOW TO Use Instagram on Chrome

Instagram is a very popular image sharing application for Android and iOS devices. Instagram was recently acquired by Facebook. The app lets you add Instagram effects to your pictures that are taken from your device’s camera or add the same effects to an image from your Gallery. The service is … [Read more...]

Unblock US-Only YouTube Videos Using ProxTube

I could see this while trying to watch a video few days back and no wonder even you would have seen similar screen while trying to watch a video on YouTube. The reason is that YouTube gives publishers an option to restrict the videos to some countries. So when you try to access the video outside … [Read more...]

Schedule Google+ Posts To Be Published At A LaterTime

Scheduling what you share on social networks had been something which most of the social media addicts emphasis on. If you have a good social influence, you must also know when you should post on your social profiles. Klout can definitely tell you about your social media influence and there is yet … [Read more...]

Block Specific Permissions for Facebook Apps to Avoid Automatic Posting

I really get irritated when I use an app and it posts on my wall automatically. For example, when you play a game on Facebook, you would get a page which says that you need to grant specific permissions to the game in order to play the game. The page looks similar to this: Please note that I … [Read more...]

The 20 best Extensions for Firefox and Chrome 2011

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are based on today's most popular browsers on the network, and the proof is that they pose a real threat for Internet Explorer that seems to suddenly lose its leadership. The same happened to the Mozilla browser with the second place a few weeks ago. The newest … [Read more...]

Automatically Send Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friends [Chrome]

Update: This extension has been removed from the Chrome Webstore by its author. We apologize for the inconvenience. There is still an alternative, you can use BirthdayFB which serves the same purpose and is much better as your friends would not know that you posted on their wall with the help of … [Read more...]

Google Adds Offline Support to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs

An interesting announcement from the Google Blog conveys how to use Gmail, Calendar and Docs without an Internet Connection. This means that Google has added offline support to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs. This seems to be very interesting as you can work with these services though you … [Read more...]