Save Money While Buying A Property Through Internet

At any point of time, online transactions save time and in today's world, Time is Money. So at the onset, while you decide to buy a property online, it definitely saves time which is counted as Money. Apart from that there are couple of other factors which contribute positively to your … [Read more...]

Five Basic Photo Editing Sites That Aren’t Instagram

Photo editing is all the rage nowadays. Not just for social media purposes, but also with blogging and personal use. Instagram is the most well-known of all photo editors, but then, you need to own an iPhone or an android phone in order to download and use this one. If you really want to give your … [Read more...]

Cloud Security: Is Your Data At Risk?

Cloud storage is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for business owners to virtualize and back up all of their essential data. However, some people have concerns about whether or not their information is truly safe when it is being held on a cloud database. With cyber criminals growing … [Read more...]

Security Threats in the Cloud

While many organisations are using cloud based file data and email management services provided by external organisations, a number of other organisations are reluctant to do so because of their concerns regarding data security. These concerns relate to data being accessed whether in transit between … [Read more...]

Importance of Technology in Courier Services

Have you ever had to change cities due to a shift in a job? Did your father do that? Or have you seen any neighbors shifting from one place to another? If you have then you will surely realize the reasons that make courier services so important! If we even talk about sending something to somebody … [Read more...]

The Simplest Way to Safe Online Shopping

Almost everyone has once found himself in a situation when some big holiday's coming and you still haven't bought presents for your family and friends. That awkward moment when the agony increases and the amount of worthy ideas goes down dramatically. What you have to remember in such a situation is … [Read more...]

Essential Tools for Enhanced Data Center Security

Your data center houses the most crucial information about your business and its optimum security is essential for its very existence. Loss of data can have severe implications for your business and result in the re-allotment of valuable resources to retrieve, reconstruct or repair the said data or … [Read more...]

Smartphone Users By The Numbers [Infographic]

Following is an infographic which depicts the number of smartphone users in the world based on their age group, manufacturer and their platforms.   This Infographic is Co-produced by CouponAudit and BlogoTech. … [Read more...]

Outlook Cookie Vulnerability Issue Leads To Account Hijacking

With Google Apps not allowing free signups anymore, I was looking forward to using Outlook to handle the email services of my yet-to-launch websites – apart from that I don’t really use any Outlook account for any communication purposes. But if you use Outlook for your business or if your … [Read more...]

5 Sites To Buy Used Cars Online

Today we are writing something different as I felt there has been a lot of Android stuff on my blog and now its time to write something different hence I decided to write this article wherein I will be mentioning websites which can be referred to buy used cars online and trust me these websites are … [Read more...]