Recover Deleted Files, Contacts & SMS on Android With Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

While there are various tools to recover deleted files in Windows, there are comparatively less tools for Android. One among these tools that we have tested is Dr.Fone for Android by Wondershare which stands out to be the best one among all the tools available for Android data recovery. There … [Read more...]

OLX Makes Online Classified Easier With its New Mobile App

OLX, India’s leading free online classified platform has taken a whole new step to make the online classified more flexible by launching its new Mobile App for Smartphones. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy anything now you can easily list your classified freely with your Smartphone in a … [Read more...]

CDW Cloud Collaboration: Get Going with the Cloud

If you own a business and want to make it global along with ensuring the security of data and personal information exchange, you'll have to match up with the best out there, How? Cloud Technology. Cloud computing is the way to go in the near future. In the present scenario, various tech enterprises … [Read more...]

How Can Cloud Based Contact Centres Be Helpful

Customer service is one of the major pillars holding up any enterprise. Whether your 'customers' are clients seeking your professional services, or consumers seeking your goods, the same basic principle applies – treat your customers well and they will keep coming back to your business, even if … [Read more...]

Daily Offers Domain Names at Low Cost

When we are talking about online identity, internet address and uniform resource locator (URL), then we are most likely referring to your domain name. For the technologically challenged people the domain name is taking to both brand name and address. Although it is not always so but more often … [Read more...]

Blue Park is an Online Shop Software For Startups and Professionals

What is e-commerce you say? It is the buying and selling of goods and services just like traditional businesses but this one is done through the internet. Over the last decade or so, with the advent of technology more and more businesses have made their presence online. The world of e-commerce has … [Read more...]

Cloud Next Offers Reliable Web Hosting

What is cloud hosting? Hosting in the traditional sense is having a server where you can store your information. This is usually just one computer or maybe more depending when there’s a need for it. Cloud hosting on the other hand is basically the pooling together of computer resources regardless … [Read more...]

Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX/HTML5 Using Sothink SWF Decompiler

Sothink SWF Decompiler for Simplified Solutions Advanced software’s plays the most essential role for all web developers around the world. These days what is heard more about is the SWF Decompiler software used for windows. This is an amazing program that is being used frequently. The most … [Read more...]

HOW TO Track Your Kid’s Facebook Activity

Tracking your Kid's Facebook Activity becomes important sometimes to prevent some unusual happenings which land you in deep water. This can easily be done via Minor Monitor (link at end of post). Minor Monitor is a web service which tracks and also alerts you via email when some suspicious activity … [Read more...]

Transform Your Data into 3D Maps and Animations with DataAppeal

Data Appeal is a web-based application that  transforms data into powerful communicative messages to increase the use and sharing of information. It allows the transformation and interpretation of information to be intuitive, straightforward and fun. This web-based application takes geo-referenced … [Read more...]