Picfull Lets You Edit Your Photos Online for Free & With Ease

Picfull is a free and online service to edit your photos with ease, completely online. While many different online services exist to spice up your images, most of them are just for instant fun. Picfull tries to be different by providing a quality selection of high quality filers, which are truly … [Read more...]

WHSR Provides Independent WebHosting Reviews & Web Development Guide

Web Hosting is an integral part in the development of any website and hence it must be given maximum importance and attention if you have great plans with your website ahead. As it plays a vital role, you need to find the best web host for your website and this is where W.H.S.R … [Read more...]

Get a Custom Graphic Design from DesignContest

Do you want to design something on the web and are not satisfied with your designer? This is possible in most cases and you might also need to wait for a long time for your designer to be ready with your design. This seems to be inconvenient, however it is not so at DesignContest.com They work in a … [Read more...]

Find Quality Domains with pcNames

I sometimes regret for choosing a domain blogotechblog.com for BlogoTech. I loved blogotech.com but it was not available. The name of the site had to be BlogoTech and hence I had to go for blogotechblog.com. I regret that I didn’t try searching for a better domain using a site like pcNames.com I … [Read more...]

Find the Best Web Host for Your Site [WebHostingGeeks]

If you are running a business or a Blog, you need to have a website for it. And if it is a Blog, you will surely need a very good web host to rely upon. If you search for it in the internet, you would perhaps find too many options as there a lot of Web hosting companies out there, but which one do … [Read more...]

A Comparison of Facebook Messenger Apps Chit Chat vs. BeejiveIM

Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry and BeejiveIM for Android are remarkably similar instant messaging applications designed for use with Facebook. Despite their similarities, in a comparison between the two, Chit Chat comes out on top as a result of its thoughtful integration of shortcuts and the … [Read more...]

Chit Chat for Facebook Review

Summary: Chit Chat for Facebook is a desktop chat program that works exclusively with the Facebook chat protocol. It isn’t a fancy multi-account program like Pidgin or Digsby, but for many people that doesn’t matter. Chit Chat for Facebook’s strength is the way that it integrates itself into … [Read more...]

Review of the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Release

This is a guest post by Sera Filson. If you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. The Mac OS X 10.7 release was delivered to the general public in July 2011. What surprised many at the actual press release presentation was the distinct lack of hype surrounding … [Read more...]

Find the Best Web Host with WebHostingClue

Are you setting up a new site/blog or migrating your blog to a new host? If yes, you might be confused as to which hosting to choose. There are many good hosting companies which provide reliable web hosting, but it is still difficult to choose one for your site. In such cases you can rely on … [Read more...]

Search & Download Files of All Types On FindFiles.net

If you were to search for something, you would prefer Google in most cases. I do the same but I end up disappointed on Google when I wish to download free files. When you use Google to search for a file, you will be disappointed very often, because Google would not offer that file type (like mp3 and … [Read more...]