Top Indian Web Host MilesWeb Review: Unlimited Hosting in India

MilesWeb is the new revolution in the Cyber world with a bag full of web hosting possibilities. Recently it has come up some unlimited offers and plans in the field of Web Hosting. All these plans are applicable both for shared users and individual users as well. This web host has mostly … [Read more...]

Benefits of Cloud Servers to Business Operations

If you’re planning on starting your own business or you've already launched your business, then the most practical thing to do is to leverage on any available IT resources. Making your clients happy, satisfied and loyal to your products and services is one of the important things to do when … [Read more...]

How To Choose Among Shared, Managed & Dedicated Web Hosting?

What’s this? I didn't know there were so many hosting options. Did I hear you say that? Don’t worry. Most of us are bewildered by an array of choices when it comes to web hosting. What you choose depends on your requirement. Lets’ discuss some of these options. Shared hosting This is … [Read more...]

Five Things To Look For While Hosting Your Blog

1. How many sites or blogs are hosted on the same server? This is perhaps the most important question to ask due to two reasons. If there are too many sites crowding the same server, it may get overloaded. Due to this your blog may experience slow download times. In extreme cases the server may … [Read more...]

HostGator 40% Off Discount Coupon

Are you looking forward to start a new blog, or do you wish to migrate to a new Web host as you may not be satisfied with your current web hosting company? Choosing the best web host is the most important decision you would ever take in your span of online business as it not only provides a better … [Read more...]

My List Of Top 10 Website Hosting Companies

Deciding where to host your site or blog is a fundamental aspect of starting a new business venture.   Once your website is established, moving to a new host could result in losing hard earned rankings in Google.  Instead, select the right host for your site for the very beginning. Factors to … [Read more...]

How Can VPS Hosting Speed Up Your Online Services

Web hosting technologies have come a long way to be where they are today. As times go by and requirements change; it has become imperative for new technologies to be formulated in order for seamless services to be offered. Traditional hosting methods are still very much in use but the reality is … [Read more...]

Cloud Next Offers Reliable Web Hosting

What is cloud hosting? Hosting in the traditional sense is having a server where you can store your information. This is usually just one computer or maybe more depending when there’s a need for it. Cloud hosting on the other hand is basically the pooling together of computer resources regardless … [Read more...]

5 Utilities & Apps To Help You With Your Domain DNS & WHOIS

Taking advantage of the scandal caused by the boycott GoDaddy and support for the controversial proposal SOUP, I decided to collect 5 utilities DNS and Whois to help you, or to obtain information about a particular site or clarify details of your own domains, you … [Read more...]

WHSR Provides Independent WebHosting Reviews & Web Development Guide

Web Hosting is an integral part in the development of any website and hence it must be given maximum importance and attention if you have great plans with your website ahead. As it plays a vital role, you need to find the best web host for your website and this is where W.H.S.R … [Read more...]