BlogoTech is on Google+ [Announcements]

Facebook pages have been very useful in promoting a business, but now you have an alternative which might be better too. Google+ now allows you to create business pages. The following is what Google says about pages: For businesses and brands, Google+ pages help you connect with the customers and … [Read more...]

Guest Authors of BlogoTech: September 2011

As we reach the end of a month, I am back here to highlight guest authors of BlogoTech. We received quite a huge number of submissions in the previous month and I really appreciate people who submit their articles on this Blog, but we publish only those articles which we feel are useful to the … [Read more...]

Guest Authors of BlogoTech: August 2011

We have recently published the top 10 stories of August, 2011. The list contains the best articles based on the amount of traffic received. As we climb up the ladder of becoming a web community, we would now like to highlight the guest authors of BlogoTech in the month of August, 2011. We have … [Read more...]

Top 10 Articles of August 2011 Which You Might Have Missed

August has been one of the best month till now and we had published 41 articles, thanks to our guest authors. The statistics have also improved to a good extent as BlogoTech’s Alexa rank has rose up to 39K. As we reach the end of August, I would like to highlight the top 10 articles which received … [Read more...]

BlogoTech Gets Google Sitelinks

This is yet another feat which we achieve in our competition to rise up to the top after a recent pagerank update. I am quite happy to say that BlogoTech got 4 sitelinks. I noticed them yesterday though I am not sure from when are they showing up. This is because I rarely search for BlogoTech on … [Read more...]

Download BlogoTech’s Official Application for Android, iOS and Symbian Platforms

BlogoTech recently got a Page Rank update and now we are again posting another announcement. Many people use their mobile devices to access the Internet and our Google Analytics data also predicts the same. This announcement woudl benefit all the mobile readers of BlogoTech. We have made apps for … [Read more...]

BlogoTech Gets PageRank Update: Becomes DoFollow Again, June 2011

The PageRank Update from Google had come on 27th June, 2011, a great day for many Bloggers and perhaps a bad one for a few (You shouldn't mind it :P) Fortunately it was a great day for BlogoTech as it is now at PageRank 2 and Alexa is 59K. We had been progressing rapidly since the start on January … [Read more...]