TOP 4 Most Popular Online Video Downloaders

How can I download all those awesome online videos??? Websites that offer streaming video content are very popular nowadays. They have videos of all sorts and kinds to fit any taste. At the same time, the vast majority of such sites don’t support video download feature, meaning that you can only … [Read more...]

Download Android Market 3.4.4 With Speed Improvements

After a recent release of Android market 3.1.11, Google has rolled out a new market update 3.4.4 which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the post. As mentioned above, Android Market 3.4.4 comes with improved speed performance. This was one feature which most Android users had … [Read more...]

Download Android Market 3.3.11 APK File With New Features

The Android Market has been updated recently and here we are with the Android Market 3.3.11 APK file which can be downloaded from the link at the end of the post. Let us see what’s new in this update of Android Market. With the newer version you can choose to auto update all the apps. This was not … [Read more...]

HOW TO Use Your Android Phone as Motion Detector

If you have a smartphone which runs on Android, you can perform various operations with it. One among them is to use your Android phone as a Motion Detector! Motion detection is quite useful for security reasons. Whether it is a high security area or your own house, let your phone’s camera face … [Read more...]

Download Ice Cream Sandwich Music Player 4.0 APK

We had recently written about the Ice Cream Launcher which can be installed on your phone even before you upgrade to Android 4.0 and now we are back with the Ice Cream Sandwich Music 4.0 APK file which can be downloaded form the link at the bottom of the post. The Music Player which I am going to … [Read more...]

Get Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher Even Before Upgrading to Android 4.0

Google had recently launched their new OS Android 4.0 with some cool and awesome features which have been luring me from the past few days! It would take time for this update to reach mine and your phone, but we have an alternative. If not the OS, the launcher is something you can get for free on … [Read more...]

HOW TO Upgrade to iOS 5 Right Now

We have already seen the features of iOS 5 and iCloud that you might expect on October 12th. The features might excite you up and being an Apple user, you might wish to upgrade to iOS 5 as soon as possible! So here is the way found by Locker Gnome which helps you upgrade to iOS 5 right now even if … [Read more...]

Download Premium Android Apps for Free on GetJar Gold

GetJar is a well known third party mobile application store which offers quite wonderful apps. GetJar has now launched the GetJar Gold service using which you can download Premium Android apps for free of cost. You can also download premium android apps from Amazon as they offer “app of the … [Read more...]

5 uTorrent Apps You Must Try Today

Apart from Vuze, uTorrent has been a very popular torrent download client and recently they have introduced a new feature called apps. These apps add extra functionality  to uTorrent. These apps are available for free and hence I decided to mention some of the uTorrent Apps which you might find … [Read more...]

Download Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS

No doubt most of you would be addicted to Facebook, as it is the biggest social network which, according to one of our guest authors is at a risk of going the way of MySpace after Google+ has emerged. However, many of them would still stick to Facebook and they would be happy to know that Facebook … [Read more...]