How To Improve Facebook Account Privacy & Security

Facebook is a stalker paradise and identity theft is very common on Facebook. Here I have compiled a list of things which you should do to improve Facebook account Privacy. More over, first few tips will help you to make your Facebook profile more secure and safe from hackers. With over 850 … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Facebook Scams

I have seen a hell lot of spams on Facebook these days, the most popular being "Girl Killed Herself" which was once the top trending topic on Facebook and the most dangerous one according to my observation has been a YouTube video of yours. Well, that was a really dangerous one because of which my … [Read more...]

How Facebook Spammers Use Blogspot to Spread Trojan & Monetize Using Adsense

I just hate these videos which say “Girl killed herself, after her dad posted this to her wall” or a fake video of yours on YouTube about which I had written earlier. If you don’t realize the seriousness of theses scams, you perhaps don’t know how trojans spread through such scams on … [Read more...]

Open Letter To Facebook by a Facebook Addict

With more than 800 million active users, out of which 50% of them logon everyday, Facebook is the biggest social network! We have already seen some examples of Facebook addiction in the past and this is yet another one out of the millions. After the introductions of some new features like the … [Read more...]

Facebook Tracks Your Behavior on The Web, Here is HOW TO Protect Yourself

Privacy would be of most importance to any internet user, and it would be very disappointing when you come to know that Facebook , which aims at making the social network your virtual home tracks what you have been doing on the web. Thanks to a post by Dave Winer at which explains how … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Facebook Page

This is a guest post by Crystal. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post. Facebook: Social Networking Giant Social media has witnessed such a booming growth in the past few years which nothing else has been able to credit itself with. Social networking … [Read more...]

Facebook Security Flaw: Page Admins Can Remove Owner of The Page

Have you created a Facebook page and appointed someone as the admin? If yes, then you must remove the admin right now if he is not a trusted one. I did this mistake a few weeks back when I made someone as the admin, not realizing that the admin can hijack my page and remove me from the page I … [Read more...]

Facebook Sidebar Ticker: Love it or Hate it?

Recently I wrote about some new privacy features which Facebook will be introducing in the coming week, but they have again disappointed people like me with the new sidebar ticker which can be seen on the Facebook home page. The sidebar ticker keeps updating in realtime  and shows you all the … [Read more...]

Facebook Enhances Privacy Features: Adds Photo Tagging Approval

The feature I hate the most about Facebook photos is the tagging feature. I could find many people tagging me in photos which are not worth being placed tags on. This would make the wall look bad and adds unnecessary photos in your Albums. Thankfully, Facebook has introduced some more privacy … [Read more...]