Make Facebook Chat Show Only Online Friends

Facebook had been undergoing changes after the introduction of Ticker, Timeline and the Facebook chat which had changed over a period of time. Facebook chat now appears inline with the ticker and it shows your friends in two categories. The friends at the top are those with whom you communicate … [Read more...]

Block Specific Permissions for Facebook Apps to Avoid Automatic Posting

I really get irritated when I use an app and it posts on my wall automatically. For example, when you play a game on Facebook, you would get a page which says that you need to grant specific permissions to the game in order to play the game. The page looks similar to this: Please note that I … [Read more...]

Get SMS Alerts for Facebook Friends Birthdays

Facebook sends you SMS notifications, login alerts via SMS and a few more alerts but they do not offer you an option to get SMS alerts for birthdays of Facebook friends. This isn't possible within Facebook but you can make it possible using Google Calendar. This is something I had been practicing … [Read more...]

HOW TO Track Your Kid’s Facebook Activity

Tracking your Kid's Facebook Activity becomes important sometimes to prevent some unusual happenings which land you in deep water. This can easily be done via Minor Monitor (link at end of post). Minor Monitor is a web service which tracks and also alerts you via email when some suspicious activity … [Read more...]

Facebook Tracks Your Behavior on The Web, Here is HOW TO Protect Yourself

Privacy would be of most importance to any internet user, and it would be very disappointing when you come to know that Facebook , which aims at making the social network your virtual home tracks what you have been doing on the web. Thanks to a post by Dave Winer at which explains how … [Read more...]

Automatically Send Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friends [Chrome]

Update: This extension has been removed from the Chrome Webstore by its author. We apologize for the inconvenience. There is still an alternative, you can use BirthdayFB which serves the same purpose and is much better as your friends would not know that you posted on their wall with the help of … [Read more...]

HOW TO Get New Facebook Timeline

A few hours back I had been watching Mark Zuckerberg live at the F8 revealing some awesome changes that would occur on Facebook. The major change would be the Timeline which makes you share your thoughts in a much better way, thanks to the cover of the timeline. If you have to search for something … [Read more...]

HOW TO Get Back Old Facebook Interface [Updated]

If you are looking forward to disable Facebook timeline, please check: HOW TO Remove Facebook Timeline & Get back Old Facebook Profile Facebook chat had been changed long back with the introduction of the sidebar, after which they had introduced the sidebar ticker for a small period of time. You … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Disable Facebook Sidebar Ticker

After a recent announcement by Facebook to update their new privacy features, they have now introduced the Facebook sidebar ticker. I have already discussed about a few reasons why I love & hate the Facebook sidebar in my previous post. You can also refer it if you haven’t seen the ticker yet. … [Read more...]

Facebook Sidebar Ticker: Love it or Hate it?

Recently I wrote about some new privacy features which Facebook will be introducing in the coming week, but they have again disappointed people like me with the new sidebar ticker which can be seen on the Facebook home page. The sidebar ticker keeps updating in realtime  and shows you all the … [Read more...]