4 iPad Apps That Will Make Your Travel Easier

Are you a traveler and also a proud owner of an iPad? Do you know that there are some apps that are specially designed to make your life easier? In this article I will be dealing with 4 interesting iPad apps that may be helpful when it comes to travelling. 1.Kayak The Kayak app is a great tool … [Read more...]

6 Critical Bugs in Iphone 4

This is a guest post by Jey. If you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. For all the hype surrounding the iPhone 4, it is definitely not perfect.┬áThen again, nothing is.┬áBut expectations were driven up so high prior to this release from Apple that the item, … [Read more...]

Download Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS

No doubt most of you would be addicted to Facebook, as it is the biggest social network which, according to one of our guest authors is at a risk of going the way of MySpace after Google+ has emerged. However, many of them would still stick to Facebook and they would be happy to know that Facebook … [Read more...]

Download BlogoTech’s Official Application for Android, iOS and Symbian Platforms

BlogoTech recently got a Page Rank update and now we are again posting another announcement. Many people use their mobile devices to access the Internet and our Google Analytics data also predicts the same. This announcement woudl benefit all the mobile readers of BlogoTech. We have made apps for … [Read more...]

HOW TO Turn Your iPad into iPhone

I have come across many people who were looking out for a Gadget to buy but were confused between the iPhone and the iPad. iOS is one of the best OS I have ever come across but it's features vary from iPhone to iPad But you can buy an iPad and use it as a phone too. You can use the Skype app on … [Read more...]

Apple’s iOS 5 Beta Release: 200+ Features

There have been quite many rumors regarding the release and features of iOS 5. It has been released by Apple but only for the developers. Pin this page as an app tab while I update this post with all the features that iOS 5 is going to possess. If I miss something, as always the comments section is … [Read more...]