8 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 8

One Small Step For Microsoft Windows, One Giant Leap For Mankind - 8 Reasons To Get Windows 8 "Should I make that jump to Windows 8?" This is the main question that has been bugging the minds of both consumers and developers alike. Windows 7 was a pretty solid OS, why would they risk it for … [Read more...]

HOW TO Create PDF File From Microsoft Office 2007

You create a document using Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft Excel to send it to someone and later discover that the other person does not have Microsoft Office Installed or perhaps the fancy font you used in your document might not be installed on the other computer and the recipient might not be … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s YouTube Channel Hacked!

UPDATE: Microsoft seems to have taken control over their channel again. It was not long back that Sylvester Michael Johnson, a friend of mine contacted me on Facebook reporting that Microsoft's Official YouTube channel has been hacked. Below I will be providing you with some screenshots of how the … [Read more...]

A Glimpse of Windows 8: The Next Generation of Windows

It had not been long since I had just started using Windows 7 and i really liked it features an UI. But Microsoft again has a new version of Windows, named as Windows 8. A few hours ago, Windows President Steven Sinofsky had just demonstrated the public prototypes of Windows 8 at the D9 conference … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer 9 Now Available For Download

Microsoft has released the Windows Internet Explorer 9 yesterday at SXSW in Austin, Texas which boasts of some improved features like HTML 5, greater design and enhanced Speed. Here are a few features which will boost its performance: Increased Speed Simplified Design Pinned Sites: You can … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface 2.0: The Next Generation Of Surface

Today I am going to tell you about Microsoft Surface, one of the best inventions I have ever seen till now. I myself was unaware of its preliminary launch on April 17, 2008. Thanks to Rahul Jain who suggested me to write an article about it. A few days back on Jan 6, 2011 International CES in Las … [Read more...]