The Need for Top Rated Antivirus Software on Your PC

There used to be a time when computing and the IT Sector were clean and free of potential hackers, threats, Trojans, etc. But today, standing here in 2014, our computers are at a great risk from all of these, including hackers trying to manipulate your information, or worms trying to … [Read more...]

Outlook Cookie Vulnerability Issue Leads To Account Hijacking

With Google Apps not allowing free signups anymore, I was looking forward to using Outlook to handle the email services of my yet-to-launch websites – apart from that I don’t really use any Outlook account for any communication purposes. But if you use Outlook for your business or if your … [Read more...]

How Monitoring Apps Can Provide Security To Your Smartphone?

It is very important to protect your smartphone as it is like a mini computer that contains essential private and business data. So, it is indeed worth taking few preventive steps to secure your smartphones. Most individuals do not feel the importance of safeguarding their smartphones, but it is … [Read more...]

How To Improve Facebook Account Privacy & Security

Facebook is a stalker paradise and identity theft is very common on Facebook. Here I have compiled a list of things which you should do to improve Facebook account Privacy. More over, first few tips will help you to make your Facebook profile more secure and safe from hackers. With over 850 … [Read more...]

How WordPress Security Plugin Could be the Worst Risk For Your Blog

Web security is one of the buzz words these days and there are the rightful reasons behind that. Internet, while still an open ecosystem where anyone can enjoy a stay without harming anyone else, is becoming less and less secure with each passing day. If you happen to have a website, you should be … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Facebook Scams

I have seen a hell lot of spams on Facebook these days, the most popular being "Girl Killed Herself" which was once the top trending topic on Facebook and the most dangerous one according to my observation has been a YouTube video of yours. Well, that was a really dangerous one because of which my … [Read more...]

HOW TO Recover from a Hacking Attack

Before you recover from a Hacking attack, you must check my previous post on how to check if your Computer has been hacked. You can apply different methods to recover from a hacking attack. This usually depends on the magnitude of infection and the files infected. Let me share a personal tip with … [Read more...]

HOW TO Check If Your PC Has Been Hacked

The Microsoft Calling Scam Have you ever heard of the Microsoft Calling scam which was a hot story in the news a few months back? If not, let me tell you what it actually is. A person calls you and asks for you by naming you  posing as computer security pros from legitimate companies, companies … [Read more...]

New Facebook Scam Shows You In Leading Role in a YouTube Video

Facebook scams have become usual these days. I recently came across a new Facebook scam which shows a video of “You In the leading role! Shocking Performance!” (title of video) in YouTube, not exactly YouTube, but a cloned YouTube page. It’s a trojan known as Trojan.FakeAV.LVT which spreads … [Read more...]