HOW TO Track Storms In Hurricane Season with Smartphones

For those living in areas affected by hurricanes, namely along the Gulf Coast of the United States, storm tracking, especially during hurricane season, is more than a hobby or pastime. For these people, knowing everything possible about a big storm coming in their direction can sometimes mean the … [Read more...]

Best Things About the Samsung Galaxy SII

This is a guest post by Thomas who writes on behalf of Best Mobile Contracts, the UK's leading mobile phone comparison website who are currently offering a chance to win a free iPhone 4S through their competition. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest … [Read more...]

The Most Wanted Smartphones of 2011

This is a guest post by Nisha. If you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. With technology rapidly increasing in both the workplace and in the multimedia and entertainment industry, it is no wonder that smartphones are also making increasing improvements … [Read more...]

HOW TO Protect your SmartPhone

This is a guest post by Lauren. If you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. Smart phones are great tools for centralizing your resources.  People regularly utilize applications on their smart phones to store social, personal, and financial data.  … [Read more...]

HOW TO Snooze Your Gmail Messages

We might often receive mails which we wish we could have received later. When you are in such a situation, you would perhaps move the mail to a separate folder  (and forget it later :P) This would be very inconvenient when you have to remember that you need to check an email at a later point of … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation 4G Review

HTC Sensation 4G is one of the best Android Smartphones form T-Mobile and HTC. Powered with 1.2GHz dual core processor it has a 4.3 inch screen running on Android 2.3 These are perhaps the basic features you might expect in a smartphone. Thankfully, it has the updated version of Android and not the … [Read more...]

Top Five Most Unique Looking Phones

This is a gust post by Cormac. if you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. As Apple is the centre of so much attention over the possible shape of its iPhone 5, we’ve decided to take a look at five of the most unique and best looking mobile phones in the … [Read more...]

First View on Nokia N9

Just a  few hours ago, Nokia had revealed the N9 at the Nokia Connection Event in Singapore. Nokia N9 is the world's first pure touch smartphone. Pure touch implies that it has no front facing buttons and completely operates on Touch. The Phone has been built to make the User Interface much simpler … [Read more...]

Samsung Infuse 4G Specs and Features

Recently we had written about Samsung Infuse 4G which would be the thinnest Android phone. It was released on May 15th. It is the fastest smartphone currently available from AT&T. Its thin form factor makes it quite handy. Moreover the 4.5 inch display makes it really attractive. The features of … [Read more...]

HTC Droid Incredibe 2 Review

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 is the successor of the HTC Droid Incredible which was released a month ago and the one which was responsible for the exploding popularity of Android OS. Let me mention this first: The HTC Droid Incredible 2 operates on Android 2.2 Froyo. This is something which would take … [Read more...]