Organize Files Based on Extension in Windows

Do you have the Downloads folder in your Computer messed up with all types of extensions? has it become difficult for you to find a file that you downloaded perhaps a month back? I have been facing a similar problem few hours back. There are a lot of files that I have been downloading with quite a … [Read more...]

HOW TO Run Command Prompt in Full Screen in Windows 7 & Vista

When you are on your Command Prompt for a long time, you might prefer using it in full screen mode for convenience. A few minutes back, I had been trying to run my Command Prompt window in Full Screen mode in Windows 7 but unfortunately, I got an error which says: This system does not support full … [Read more...]

HOW TO Create PDF File From Microsoft Office 2007

You create a document using Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft Excel to send it to someone and later discover that the other person does not have Microsoft Office Installed or perhaps the fancy font you used in your document might not be installed on the other computer and the recipient might not be … [Read more...]

HOW TO Use The New Google Bar Before Anyone Else

The new Google Bar has been shown up in Google’s Official Blog but it has not been released to anyone yet. As per the new design, the black bar will be replaced with a gray one. On the left, the Google logo contains a drop-down menu with links to Google services that displays when you hover over … [Read more...]

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HOW TO Receive Facebook Notifications on Android Status Bar

If you are a Facebook Addict and also the owner of an Android device, you will love this application which lets you receive Facebook notifications on your status bar. After you install this application, you need not open "Facebook for Android" to view your notifications. Obviously you have the … [Read more...]

HOW TO Play Music & Manage Playlists in Chrome

Being an Internet and Music addict, I often listen to songs when I am browsing. Obviously I would be running two applications on my PC. It is more convenient when I could do both in my Chrome Browser. Chrome extensions and applications make your web experience much simpler and almost everything is … [Read more...]

HOW TO Upgrade to iOS 5 Right Now

We have already seen the features of iOS 5 and iCloud that you might expect on October 12th. The features might excite you up and being an Apple user, you might wish to upgrade to iOS 5 as soon as possible! So here is the way found by Locker Gnome which helps you upgrade to iOS 5 right now even if … [Read more...]

Tips to Accelerate Google Chrome Browser

This is a guest post by Asher Ross. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post. Google's browser, even if it is in childhood, has proven to be a lightweight alternative, very fast and very efficient compared to other browsers. Of course a proposal remains … [Read more...]

The Best way to Enhance Your SEO Skills

This is a guest post by Crystal. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post. With the progress in technology, SEO has turned into a must have tool for all online businesses no matter how big or small they are. Small scale writers can attract more clients by … [Read more...]

Importance of Article Marketing for New Blogs

This is a guest post by Crystal. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post. Article marketing is a crucial marketing tool for new blogs. New bloggers more often than not require avenues from where they can build their reputation and also stamp authority of … [Read more...]