HOW TO Make Your WordPress Editorial Team Truly Agile

WordPress is a very well established platform. Whether it be content management systems and/or blogging platforms, it is quite clear that WordPress leads the race by a mile. There is no other CMS that can match up to WordPress in terms of popularity and ease of usage, with the added advantage of its … [Read more...]

How WordPress Security Plugin Could be the Worst Risk For Your Blog

Web security is one of the buzz words these days and there are the rightful reasons behind that. Internet, while still an open ecosystem where anyone can enjoy a stay without harming anyone else, is becoming less and less secure with each passing day. If you happen to have a website, you should be … [Read more...]

Author+ WordPress Plugin Adds Extended Bio & Social Media Links to Author Pages

Do you run a multi author Blog? If yes, you might find this plugin useful. Author+ Premium Wordpress Plugin adds extended bio to your Wordpress Author Pages. The traditional author bio is what you can see at the bottom of the post, though I have removed the author description. Extended Bio is an … [Read more...]

5 WordPress Plugins to Solve Common WordPress Problems

This is a guest post written by Helen Clough who writes on behalf of Integral IT Support. If you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. We all know Wordpress is pretty amazing right out the box, but despite that, there are still room for improvements and ways to … [Read more...]

Easily Upload Images From URL to WordPress Blog With Grab & Save WordPress Plugin

Have you been annoyed with downloading Images from the Web and later Uploading to your Wordpress Blog? I feel it just wastes a few minutes of your time. Adding images from a URL of any other site is not advisable as it will land you up in a 404 error when the image is removed. You can not use an … [Read more...]

Design Stylish Coupon Codes With Coupon Code WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods of money making from your Blog. If you are an affiliate, you would be provided with a discount coupon code which would be available to all the affiliates. Using that coupon, your readers get a discount and you get a commission but sometimes, a few … [Read more...]