Facebook Announces Messenger ‘Reactions’ and ‘Mentions’

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Sick and tired of confusing group chats in Facebook Messenger? Getting frustrated at not knowing which question your friends are answering? Well not for long! Facebook have announced the introduction of 'Reactions' and 'Mentions' - but what are they all about?

Instagram Introduce ‘Sensitive Content’ Feature

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Instagram have announced that they will introduce a new feature regarding 'Sensitive Content'. The feature will blur images that are deemed to be of content that is inappropriate to to the audiences that can access Instagram. With the huge debate on censorship still ongoing, neither side, for or against,

Instagram – Allowing Users to Save Live Broadcasts

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Social media marketers and enthusiasts have been getting extremely excited in the past twenty-four hours as Instagram announces the ability to save live broadcasts have been implemented to their platform. Live broadcasting was introduced last November and caused some controversy at the time. There was a lot of speculation

Use These Five Marketing Tips For Social Media

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Five SMM Tips every business owner should consider.

Android And IOS Users Can Access Twitter With The Mobile Apps

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We have put a list together with mobile apps such as TweetCaster which allow access to Twitter.

7 Time Saving Excel Tips Every Blogger/Marketeer Must Know

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Save time using these 7 Excel Tips.

Top Tech Trends of 2016 According to Google Searches

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Check out the Top Tech Trends of 2016.

Record Online Videos on a PC Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

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Today having the ability to record online videos is more useful than ever before. Most of the content that you encounter online is generally going to be streamed – and if you can record and save it then you will be able to watch it even if you’re offline.

Would a Hacker Want Your Domain Name?

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As a blogger, you’re probably well aware of many of the different types of cyber attacks and online security risks. Yet have you ever considered whether a hacker would want to take your domain name? Domain hijacking or domain theft involves a hacker changing the registration of a domain

Why Is It Necessary To Transfer Your Domain Name Services?

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Owning your own business can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. If your business is based mostly on the Web, there can be a lot of new techniques and jargon to wrap your head around. There are hackers, phishers, and other criminal elements to contend with. And there