10+ Great Time-Wasting iPhone Apps for Kids

Great Time-Wasting iPhone Apps for KidsChildren these days are getting more interested in using devices such as Iphone and iPads. There are countless applications that you can download on your iPhone that would be a great time wasting moment with your kids. Allow your kids to enjoy and be entertained with the learning and education value that you can build alongside their interest of having some fun while using your iPhone device. Here are some top great time-wasting iPhone applications for kids that are education and optimized for their learning:

Kid Calc 7-in-1 Math Fun

The application is best for children ages 4 to 10. It helps in honing children’s skills in solving math problems. The app allows customization on the level of difficulty on the math problems to be solved and based on the age of your child. Learning addition and subtraction is made easy and fun with its calculator feature and using fun objects to attract their interest to learn.


Alpha Writer

This iPhon app helps children to learn how to read, spell and write and to compose phonetic words. It helps children to identify basic languages and to identify vowels and consonants. This is a paid application from the Apple store at $2.99 but is worth paying for.


iWrite Words

This application is best for kids who are learning how to write and spell words. At $2.99, you have an iPhone application that teaches your child to write letters through their handwriting. In addition, there are also other fun games that come with the application to keep your child entertained.



This iPhone application allows children to unleash their creativity. They can draw using the application on your iPhone and you can also import photos for your child to add more fun and creative designs on them. The application is ideal for children ages 3 and older.


Bumblebee Touchbook

This application is ideal for very young children to learn and become familiar with letters and words. By touching a word from the screen, your child can watch it animate and hear the word spoken.


Interactive Alphabet ABC

This application has been hailed as the best iPad application for kids at iLounge and is available in iPhone. The child begins to learn the alphabet in a fun way using bright colored flash cards that can certain perk the child’s interest to learn. It is loaded with great features like music, sound effect and animation that offer your child the best way to learn. The application also teaches the child how to use the upper and lower case.


Free Books

If your child loves to read, this iPhone application is very ideal to purchase. At $0.99, your child can find numerous books from various children categories. It is also a great way to perk the interest of children to read. Not only your child will enjoy reading the free ebooks for children with colorful covers but you will too!


Times Tables

This application for iPhone offers a clean interface that provides your child some entertaining moments to play on timed quizzes and multiplayer competition. You can gauge how your child progresses on each table and you can help him or her overcome their difficulties with each table.


Telling Time

This photo touch game helps your child learn how to read time interactively. The application supports the child’s learning process using sight, touch and sound. Even pre-school teachers endorse this application as a fun way for kids to learn how to tell time.



The application teaches children to learn the names of animals found in the farm, forest, safari and water supported with different languages. It also offers a memory match game in three levels with great photos and music.


Abby’s Train

The application teaches children to learn colors in vibrant colors. Parents can choose to modify the colored objects for the child to choose from to match specific colors. The application offers various challenges to stimulate a child’s learning about colors.


Bugsy Pre-K

This is a very interactive iPhone application to help children learn different things from colors, counting numbers, upper and lower case letters, shapes and alphabet sounds. Parents can personalize what they want their child to learn and to adjust their desired level of difficulty.


Whether you choose paid or free iPhone applications, the most important thing to consider is the value of your child’s learning experience. There are countless iPhone applications for children that can make a great time-wasting moment for your kids.

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