10 SEO Tips to Take Your Store To The Top Positions in Google

1. Panda Google is your friend, do not fear

Google Panda, one of the latest changes in search engine indexing algorithm, find that only sites with content quality remain at the top, so do your best for your business worthy of belonging  the select group: Give priority to spelling and do not let the work program of writing, improved navigability, optimizes both quality content at load time. Take a space for visitors to share their photos, videos and comments, and encourage them to do so.

2. Do Care about duplicate content

It uses an efficient organizational structure by creating separate categories, the contents unions wisely canonize your URL  and do your best to describe similar products (which vary in small details like the color) differently. If someone copy all your work especially to hurt you, you can avail yourself-after trying to talk, send a request to Google to warn of their offense for a violation of copyright.

3. Home only to highlight

Sharing President User Effect.com analogy: “In the main showcase your establishment do not show all the products in your store , you could-not-so be priorities. “Spend the home page just as popular as most cases, much of the income is generated by only a small fraction of the products offered, so the benefit is more likely if you focus on your particular promotion.

4. Quality over quantity in keywords

Again, you can be more efficient position few things instead of all that is published, so the focus should be on special products in the most striking. Regarding keywords, you could try the micro niches: instead of competing strongly for positioning words like “shoes”, you can segment the market work better in “men’s shoes.”

5. Google AdWords advertising alternative

What he gains generated Google is advertising, something possible only to the ability of their method of personalized ads featuring the most relevant advertising content for each user, thereby maximizing the benefit of every last penny. The secret is in the cookies (small logs generated when browsing) and the amount of people using the search engine, so it is worth another try a year of service (give away coupons for just register).

6. Explore and optimize different types of content

The browser gives some priority to the results that are simultaneously linked on Google Images and Google News, so optimize your appearance in this pair of means. For the former, use the “alt” and relevant keywords (try “zapatosguccideamarrar.png” instead of “imagen123.png”); for Google News, newspaper articles created most recently, for example about what is is imposing about fashion. Every time someone searches for information on “the latest collection of Zara” could easily reach your URL.

7. Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping

Google can facilitate the way users search and buy online, for which it has also created a Google Shopping. Well, for your products leave as recommended when someone searches for something similar, especially when they do from their mobile applications, you can put up all your catalog through Google Merchant Center .

8. Social Media, not only Facebook and Twitter

To mention some: Create your Fan page or even your shop on Facebook , share your catalog Pinterest (you can find out more in the space devoted in Wwwhat’s new), tweeting about the latest in stock , weapon developments in the business page in Google + , post your promotional video on Vimeo, etc., of course, always taking into account the tip number one to interact rather than automate.

Nor spare comment that create social network has in mind appears is no guarantee of success without proper administration. My advice: segmented your audience, use the valuable information that clients place on their profiles to build campaigns infallible.

9. Become visible to Google Places

If you have a physical store, no matter their size or number of branches, you can always give it high in Google Places to enable their Geo location, share the details (photos, videos, ratings) and allow it to be displayed every time a recommendation someone find the products you offer. Of course, try to keep these details up to date without fail.

10. Metadata, Microdata, Schema.org

You have probably noticed that now in the Google results shows stars, navigation elements (breadcrumbs ), contact details and images Highlights ( thumbnails ) and other small details. This is only possible thanks to the Metadata and Microdata to facilitate the work of search engines with greater specificity indicating the location of each element within the content. Well, to start making use of its benefits is necessary to review Schema.org (outline the major search engines that have been developed for handling these “tags”). At SEOmoz also speak much better features.

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