3 Pillars for Developing a Strong Foundation of Website

Most people ask to their friends, forums, Google, how can I increase the popularity of my new website? Web marketers all over the web provide different tools and tactics in order to get the ball rolling with your company and many of them achieved success. Most of the people say try this or try that but there is rarely a synopsis giving you the list of steps directly. Hopefully this article will give you the directions you need, so as to ensure that your website launch day is successful.

The first and the foremost thing you have to understand is that the foundation of your website is strong. Building a strong foundation is important to see the results upon launch of website. The question here which everybody asks is “what makes up the strong foundation of website?”

The foundation of your website comprises of 3 pillars:

  1. Social Media
  2. Content expansion
  3. Internet presence

Social Media: Social media sometimes can be the most frustrating aspects as it doesn’t necessarily make you any money. Website owner spend lots of hours in pumping their presence on social media rather than developing their products. The fact is that, there are numerous ways to handle social media and I would suggest you take just the few steps to make strong social media presence.

Facebook and twitter are currently king and queen of social media world and there is no point to avoid it. Other social networks like You Tube, Google+, Pinterest and linkedIn are also great. If you offer many products and have lot of media, then you tube and Pinterest are next best in line. A lot can happen on these sites, if they are able to be used more directly with your niche.

You need to learn different ways to gain likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter organically. The key to gain followers and likes is to interact in the way that your audience desires for and this should be done constantly. If they want something funny, then give them funny or if they need information then give them that. By giving 25 minutes a day into Twitter and Facebook, you will gain the credibility from new customers who click through your pages.

Content Expansion: Having your presence on internet with great social media interaction is essential, but to solidify your site’s foundation on the internet, you have to contribute such an informational and meaningful content that helps and expands your niche. You can do this by giving your time in creating contents and posting or publishing them on blogs.

Guest Blogging is becoming one of the most popular resources for people who want to step up in internet marketing and attain success in it. By asking a website in your niche, if you can contribute some great content on their site, then you can get your name out by gaining credibility via your expertise, interaction and back links in your author bio.

Now days, the trend of Infographics is going on as it is the pictorial representation of written content that is loved by public. Infographics are the posters that are used by companies as an advertising poster, visual representation of a guest post or any other information that can be used for the advancements in online like market research and statistics.

Internet presence: Your presence on the web or how often you pop up on other websites is considered as effective internet marketing, Blogs, Forums and websites that offer a chance for viewer to interact socially can provide a huge amount of link juice. Although Forums can be just the waste of time, simply by interacting on forums gains you three things. Firstly, you are able to survey and communicate with people in your niche. Secondly, search engines recognize your content that boosts your online presence and lastly you are able to provide your website link via author signature, whenever you make a post.

Websites and blogs are the highly effective tools to promote your online presence. Simply by commenting on article posts on website or blog posts, your website can be back linked, bringing you the more link juice. If you comment on large number of content with the helpful and useful information, then you will not only gain the credibility from people, but you will also pop up more in search engines.

Summary: Having an all rounded approach to your online marketing campaign is important for the initial success of your new website. At the same time it is necessary to be patient for the results.

Author Bio: The editor of the above topic Daniel has been working as a SEO manager at SEO RANK SMART since long more successfully.

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