4 Reasons You Should Pay More Attention to Typography Of Your Website

There are a lot of things to consider when designing a website. The colors you choose have to complement each other, the layout needs to be natural and easy for readers to use, and the typography needs to be easy to read. All of these elements are difficult to balance, but typography is particularly challenging. So, take a look at the following four reasons why you should pay more attention to typography.

People Spend More Time on Your Website

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Presumably, you are providing useful content to your readers. However, it doesn’t matter how useful that content is if people have a hard time reading it. So, you need to carefully choose fonts that your readers will like. Helvetica and Georgia are two of the most common font faces that people choose because they are san serif fonts that people expect, but they add a bit of unexpected personality.

When readers spend more time on your website, you sell more products and get more ad revenue. This is because it increases the amount of time they view ads or your products. So, the typography you choose for your website affects not only your readers’ experience, but also how much money you make.

Fonts Affect Reader’s Emotions

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Readers aren’t usually conscious of this, but different fonts make people feel different ways. For instance, san serifs are the easiest to read and they are the most calming. So, you should typically choose san serif fonts unless they don’t fit in with the image of your website. However, you should never use white text on a dark background because readers have a difficult time reading it, which makes them frustrated. With the right font, you can convert more customers and gain a larger readership because you can affect people’s emotions better.

Typography Affects Your Website’s Image

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Before your visitors read a single word on your website through their Clear Internet Columbus connection, they have already started to form an opinion on your authority. This is why you shouldn’t take any risks with your typography layout and font choices. If you have a lot of text on your page, readers automatically assume it is a more authoritative source. However, if you have too much text, readers might interpret it as disorganized.

You have to find the right balance of white space to make your readers happy. You should experiment with different fonts and layouts until you find a combination that works well for your website. Remember, your typography is part of the design.

Some Fonts Don’t Look the Same in Different Browsers and Operating Systems

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Another thing you may not have thought about is that fonts sometimes look different from one browser to another. This is because there are thousands of different fonts and some browsers or operating systems are not able to recognize custom styles. You need to be aware of this when you are choosing fonts for your website. It is best to stick with the most common ones so you don’t have to worry about the text looking funny or being unreadable for some users. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of options that always convert well. You can find the combinations using services such as Typekit, Webtype, and Fontdeck.

If you pay more attention to typography on your website, your readers have a better experience and you make more money. What website do you like because of the font and typography choices they made?

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