4 Tips for Choosing a Domain That Captures Your Audience

Selecting a captivating domain name is similar to choosing the name of your company, and it deserves a lot of research and consideration. Since the domain name is what identifies you on the Internet, you need to find a name that suits your the product or services of your business, make it easy to promote and maintain accessibility.

Oftentimes, businesses look to professionals to do the work for them. However, others who are starting out might opt to take the bull by the horns and do it themselves. Regardless of if professionals are hired or this becomes a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, the goal is still to grab the Internet audience and keep them.

The following are four helpful tips for choosing a captivating domain name.

1) Choose the Right Spelling

Choosing a domain that is easy to input and doesn’t have other spellings can make it simple for your customers to find. Words with questionable wording can be confusing, especially when you use slang or select a word that has more than one spelling.

You should also select something short and compact. A longer domain name can cause people to mistype the wording. Before you begin your search, you need to do a thorough investigation to ensure that the name isn’t being used by someone else. You could be in for a huge financial legal mess if you’ve chosen something that has already been trade-marked.

2) Memorable and Eye Catching


If you can remember the name of your domain after the initial conversation, you’ll have found something memorable to use. You should also find something that is unique and clever for your customer base to memorize.

When they hear your domain for the first time, they should know what your website is all about with just the name. You can also do a test run and try out your domain name on your friends and relatives to ensure that it sounds appealing.

3) Domain Name Extension

One of the most widely accessible extensions for a domain name is .com. Because of its credibility and popularity, you’ll find that most individuals deem it a favorite over other endings such as .net, .org or .info. If you have huge plans for the business, you can even grab other extensions of the name.

For example, if you purchase lucyartistblog.com, you can also choose wisely and select other extensions such as lucyartistblog.net, lucyartistblog.info and so on. This allows you to redirect the other non.com names to your initial domain name with the .com address.

This has numerous benefits and allows users to type in other extensions of your domain and reach your actual name with ease. It also keeps the competition from purchasing something that is similar to your own domain name and prevents them from stealing Internet traffic away from your site.

4) Skip the Hyphens and Numbers

Numbers and hyphens can be confusing and should be avoided when choosing a domain name. When selecting a number, the meaning can be misconstrued with the actual number of having to spell it out. Dots, dashes, hyphens and backslashes can also be difficult to input and are often forgotten.

If you’re in business with other partners or you have someone that you can run ideas by, it would be good to brainstorm together and throw out as many words and phrases as possible. Finding something that is eye catching and reaches your targeted audience can bring significant success to your company.

Author Bio: Jamica Bell is a blogger and business owner who understands the importance of choosing the right domain to capture an audience. During her research, she found Everspark Interactive, an Atlanta based SEO agency, to be a very helpful resource for businesses looking to capitalize on the latest innovations of how to capture and keep an audience.

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