5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from your Blog or Website

Blogging has been the main source of income for many bloggers. Blogging has been growing in popularity since couple of years due to its major benefits and the most favorite of its advantage is Blogging is the best source to paid writing. As we all know that Blogging is no more limited to sharing knowledge but one can easily earn money using it. Many people are seeking ways to make money  from their blogs. So,In this post, I will be sharing most common and most used ways to make money from your blog.

earn money online using your website

Use Advertising Networks

Using Advertising networks has been the most common way to make money from blogs. There are many advertising networks nowadays that display ads on your blogs and pay you according to the clicks you receive. Google Adsense has been ruling the world of Advertising Networks and It is perfect example for a Pay Per Click Ad Network.  Well, If you are receiving huge amount of visitors, then you can easily earn money from these advertising networks.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been a great way nowadays to make up money from your blog. Affiliate Marketing  means referring the products of others to your blogs visitors and in return you will be paid. You can also promote affiliate products without any website. This can be achieved by sharing products on Facebook groups or creating a Facebook page and promote product on it. You can implement such tips to promote your Affiliate products. Remember you need heavy traffic to earn more and promote such Affiliate Products.

Sell Ads Space on your Blog

Most blogs around are selling their own blog’s Advertising Space to earn money from their blogs. Well, many advertising companies and brands have been looking forward for blogs selling their Advertising Space and having huge amount of traffic. Most bloggers are having Direct Banner Advertising technique to make money from their blogs. You might have seen on many blog the term that Advertise Here. So, Start Banner Advertising on your blog too to earn more. But to get more advertisers, you need good amount of traffic.

Sell your own Products or Services

If you have any Product or Service, you can use your own blog to make few bucks using it. Your own blog is the perfect place to sell your own product or service. You can get more buyers for your services if you are having good products & services to distribute. Like, you can be a Good Website Designer. You can be a person to be hired by others for writing on their blogs, you can be a SEO expert to optimize other’s blogs for SEO, and so on.

Accept Donations

Well, if readers think that you are really hard working,inspiring guy who works hard day and night to give the best of him to his visitors, then it’s obvious that your blog readers will Donate a few bucks for you.Well, Frankly Speaking, Earning Money via Blogging is a task that requires hard work and needs huge amount of traffic.

Which all methods do you follow to Earn Money from your Blog. Share with us by Commenting.

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