5 Essential SEO Techniques for Start-ups

Like any other thing in life, start-ups business too requires lot of planning in order to make the venture a success. These plans may be conventional methods and tips, but the real challenge for any new online business is to keep the pace with the ever changing market and one such technique at present is careful adoption of SEO techniques. SEO has become an essential part of online marketing. Below are some of the SEO techniques that all Start-ups must adopt for a successful venture:


Identifying Keywords

The first thing a start-up needs to do is to identify potential SEO keywords naturally on the search engine and optimize such keywords. The list must include those keyword phrases, which potential customers may be entering in search engines. Every time a start-up is searched using some particular keyword, it gains a higher rank on the search engine.

1. Creating Standard Content

By far the best SEO technique is posting effective content on website. Correct and crisp content is the life line of your web page and is most helpful SEO technique for a start up business. Publishing varied content on the website increases the number of different keywords present, and this gives a higher ranking to the website.

2. Understand the power of Social Media

At present nothing is as potent and powerful as the reach of social networking sites and the effect it causes on general masses. It is very crucial for a start-up to exploit and use the power of social media in its favour. Posting about your website and giving links on such networking sites is very important aspect of SEO. Thus, make sure that your social profile has a back link to your website or blog.

3. Guest Posting

Guest Post


One of the best links building techniques is guest posting. By guest posting you can connect with other websites. There are many sites, which give link back to your website in exchange of a guest post. If exploited well, it can divert a large number of visitors to your website. Just a few good guest post spots and it is possible that you observe a substantially increase both in your rankings in the search results and the amount of traffic flowing to your website.

4. Use Google Analytics

Google analytics is a tracking tool used to measure the success of a webpage. You can analyse the success and failure of your webpage or in some cases effectiveness of any particular campaign you launched. After installing this tracking mechanism, you will require to set periodic goals for the website. Google analytics will also help in improving the content and quality of the website as by using it you will get the data if the website is engaging the visitors or not and thus you can improve the website.

5. Start building the Brand

Albeit, it is vital to identify and work on the SEO keywords but nothing beats a brand. It must be kept in mind that search engines rely more on brands than other subjective assessment. Therefore, it is highly advised that in order to get an early edge, a start-up should begin building brand to get highest visibility and popularity.

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