5 Interesting Similarities I’ve found between Babysitting & Blogging

Babysitting might sound like a very straight forward job to those who haven’t given it a try, but it is as challenging and as demanding as any other job out there. Same can be said for blogging, for outsiders it might appear to be a straight forward way of making money, but when you actually step into the arena (AKA blogosphere), it can turn out to be a job which is far from being a walk in the park.

Being someone who has spent some of my teenage years while taking care or tutoring kids, I was thinking if that experience has helped me in my current occupation i.e. working as a blogger and freelance writer, and I find out that there are many things which are common in babysitting and blogging, let’s take a look.

Babysiting and blogging

You’ve got to Give your Hundred Percent

Babysitting is not all about keeping an eye on the children as they sit peacefully and play. In actual fact, they are quite demanding, and you need to get involved wholeheartedly. Similarly, you can’t just sit and expect the blog to keep doing the right things and keep moving in the right direction on its own, just like a baby, it’ll largely depend on your help, guidance, and care to stay on track.

You need to Avoid Distractions

Continuing on our previous point, while you are on job, you have got to concentrate on your job, even if the parents haven’t explicitly forbidden you to spend your time watching television. Being a babysitter, kids are the only thing you should be focusing on. Same goes for blogging, there are a handful of distractions when you are online and you need to make sure that you are not wasting your time on any of these, for example social networks or gaming website.

Money is Secondary

Both blogging and babysitting are a lot more than a way to earn some extra bucks. In fact if you are focusing solely on the earning part, you will be missing the satisfaction that might come otherwise. In addition to that, both of these jobs can work best as a part time gig, trying to get rich by blogging or babysitting is going to be quite tough (if not impossible).

You need to be Very Patient

Greed and haste will take you nowhere, besides you shouldn’t be setting your expectations too high in any case. Also, you will be able to see the real rewards after some time in both cases. When you start babysitting, it will take some time before you can get in the parents’ trust list and get jobs via referrals, similarly, when you start blogging, you will have to get in the Google’s good books before you can start earning anything at all.

Social Media can make the difference

Social networks are one of the most inexpensive, yet most effective ways of promoting your babysitting services. In addition to that, you can be a part of communities at popular websites like sittercity.com or care.com and find more jobs. Similarly, social networks can be a great medium for bloggers to get unique visitors, and network with fellow bloggers. But to my amazement, both bloggers and babysitters tend to ignore this very powerful medium.

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