5 iPhone Health Applications

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iphone-healthIf you have the motivation and the determination to go with your life, health will find the way to you. Here are a few lists of applications that works well on your iPhone and helps you to keep a check on your health and you will find yourself not requiring expensive equipments to keep you stay fit. With iPhone and the range of health applications available, your health rests in the palm of your hands!

1. Lose IT!:

Lose It! iPhone ApplicationAre you planning to lose a few inches of your body and not the weight? Then there are a number of things you need to plan upon like your calorie intake being the most important criterion. With lose it you can keep track of your budget, food and exercise and staying within the budget by recording your food intake and exercise regime you will know what is more essential. This interactive application is simple and comes with the comprehensive database of foods and activities. This is not the end, that you will find much more surprises and could be the ultimate weight loss programmer.

Download: Lose IT!

2. Eat this not that:

Eat this not ThatWhen you are on your weight loss program and follow a diet regime you will find your body responding accordingly and will require some changes to your diet regime. This is good if there is someone who can tell you which is the right alternative based on the required calorie intake for the rest of the day. This is an easy to use and customizable application on iPhone.

Download: Eat This Not That

3. BP Buddy:

BP BuddyHigh blood pressure is the one that comes to keep a check on your body blood pressure approximately and ringing the alarm bell when you need to meet the physician or take your BP tablets. This application comes as an effort to battle against the cardiovascular diseases. This app is not only fixing up your BP but also sounds the alarm bell on time when you are in great need of keeping your hectic lifestyle under control.

Download: BP Buddy

4. Sleep Machine:

Sleep MachineSleep is the right answer to many of the diseases and you will find yourself getting fitter and better enough when you sleep. Sleep enough and do not become a workaholic or a couch potato. Keeping this in mind download the sleep machine which helps and puts you to sleep and relax with ambient musical atmosphere, as the music played in a spa! There are nearly more than 531, 440 atmospheric sounds that comes to life for relaxation.

Download: Sleep Machine

5. Anti aging:

Anti AgingEveryone likes to look younger, forgetting that this desire is not only for those in the media but also to others and if you think you are one amongst them then using this app is the right solution. The treatment suggestions comes by using light and sound therapy which means the 10 different colors of light and sound therapy combination is going to heal your skin problems like wrinkles, cellulite, acne and other unattractive items that comes with age.

Download: Anti Aging

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