5 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Facebook Page

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Facebook: Social Networking Giant

Social media has witnessed such a booming growth in the past few years which nothing else has been able to credit itself with. Social networking websites have become the most visited websites nowadays and reports even say that in United States Facebook has even surpassed the giant in the field of internet search engines, Google, in terms of daily visitors.
Facebook has an ever increasing number of active users primarily due to some interesting stuff available out there for the users on the Facebook. Users make profiles, fun pages, upload photos and videos, enjoy being in open chat groups, stay connected to dear ones and a lot more cool stuff. It is a much user friendly website and user are almost independent to do anything but one must stay on the safe edge by avoiding some particular activities on such a place where millions of people are out there.

facebook page mistakes

Things to be Avoided While Being on Facebook Page

An interesting feature which Facebook provides is that users can create pages according to their likings. This is very useful particularly when it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns because one can make his/her business page and promote it for free along with creating personal profiles. Some important aspects in this regard are listed which are often overlooked but if properly worked upon can result in to long term profitable outcomes.

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1. Business and personal Profile Separated:

On Facebook, there is a restriction on businesses that they cannot have personal profile. Instead they are allowed to create pages for this purpose. It is important that one should not mix both these two and create a personal profile and a business page separately if one is there. It has the following benefits:

  • One will have a more focused business activity as pages do not restrict number of fans while profiles restrict number of friends.
  • Secondly, separate profile allows one to stay connected to dear ones and share any personal activity openly which may affect business activities if have combined profile.

2. Not Caring about the Content:

This is an important point to understand. The content on a page or even a personal profile matters a lot so one must be careful about it. Following points illustrate this:

  • It’s natural to share good content. Publishing everything on a page without going for quality content often result in turning off likers. Similarly, negative content or even unfriendly comments on a business page can have adverse affects.
  • Talking about personal profiles, one should think before sharing any content. Normally, relatives, teachers and even job colleagues are added in personal profiles and uploading pictures of drunk weekend turnout to be embarrassing.

3. Default Landing Tab:

Facebook provides an excellent feature of default tab selection for page owners which is particularly useful for business related pages. It is important for page owners to select a proper tab as their default tab. “Info Tab” is normally selected as the default one but this is not a good choice because it can only contain plain text and cannot be customized. “Wall Tab” is comparatively a better option. You can also have a look at BlogoTech’s landing page.

4. Just Marketing:

It is not a good practice to just use Facebook for marketing purposes. One must keep balanced personal and business activities.

5. Minimum Interaction:

One must maintain a proper feedback channel whether being on personal profile or any Facebook page. Interaction with Facebook fans is very essential if you are running a Blog as it also gets you returning visitors.

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