5 Secrets of A Good Copywriter

If you still think that to be able to write great commercial texts and be a great copywriter, you must be born with literary talent like Dan Brown, you are wrong.

To write good texts that will enthrall a reader, involve into something, and sell and make a profit, you need to know and follow only five basic rules. And here are they.

Rule 1. Clear client portrait

Any copywriter should make a clear and exact portrait of the client he or she works with and always keep it in mind. Copywriters should analyze what kind of person the client is, what he or she does for a living, and what hobbies has.Copywriter work

Rule 2. Sell a product or service, not an industry

It is one of the most common mistakes that copywriters make. Don’t try to embrace the unembraceable and to sell anything abstract or too general. Concentrate on a specific product or service and show people that they can’t deal without it. For example, don’t sell the comfort of riding a car, sell driving this very car and the comfort this car brings.

Rule 3. Find out what consumers need

Study the market and find out what exactly problems potential buyers face. And offer them the solution. Otherwise, the product or service will seem useless for them. No one wants to spend money on things they don’t need. You task is to persuade them that you have the solution they need.

Rule 4. Use figures

Have you ever though why the ads that provide some stats or figures are more efficient than the ones that contain only descriptions and calls for the actions? They are trustier for the clients. The information you give seems to have more credibility and to be more relevant to their needs. So, keep it in mind and trace the stats.

Rule 5. Price justification

Justify the price. Your price can be rather high. But you should persuade clients that it is better to pay more but to get really good product or services. The way you will do it will depend on the previous research you made about the client’s portrait.

5 simple rules make the basis of great copywriting services. Don’t be afraid to experiment. New things sell better than the ones that clients have already seen. Amaze them and you will get to the top!

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