5 Smart Ways To Double Your Google AdSense Earnings Fast

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Want to double your Adsense income?

Google adsense is one great way to earn money online. If you’re a blogger, you are on the better side of monetizing your blog with paying ads. Unfortunately, only a few people, are actually making decent income from this. If your Google Adsense application has not been approved, you can also check Praveen’s tips on how to get Google Adsense Account approved.

Contrary to what you’ve read on several blogs, you can actually make $1000+ from this business opportunity. All you have to do is think outside the box.

Think Outside The Box – Why?

adsense income If you do what thousands of bloggers and AdSense publishers are doing, you’ll not earn much. I struggled in my first year, to boost my earnings with this program, even though I don’t have to sell a thing but no success.

It was of recent that I discovered the real secret that the likes Shoemoney.com and Davion Wong are using to earn 5 figures from AdSense alone.

Some of the smart ways I explain below have been around, but the the concept of applying it makes the who difference.

1. Find High Paying Keywords

Actually, the best way to improve your earnings is to target high paying keywords. These keywords are usually outside of the “internet marketing” niche. Only a few people know that you can earn $2 – 10 for every single click – this can only be possible when you have high paying keywords. Terms like Minnesota Lawyers, acne on face, genital warts are great keywords.

Once you have great keywords, your goal is to send targeted traffic to your blog. You don’t need thousands of visitors to click, although it’s a great way to earn more, but few visits to your blog could result in hundreds of dollars by month end.

2. Build Niche Blogs

Niche blogs perform better on Search Engines than generic blogs.

I see a lot of bloggers who talks about everything on the face of the earth, and wonder why their blog isn’t making any money. The truth is, you don’t have to be a master of everything, get focused on one unique niche and explore it.

By building niche blogs, especially in the health sector where the target prospects are novice, when it comes to pay per click, you’ll earn more. To build a niche blog, make sure you carefully select your domain name. Your primary keyword should be on the domain name, but make sure it’s easy to memorise.

3. Increase Your Blog Pages

Every single post on your blog is regarded as a separate page. There is a huge reward that comes from blog with thousands of pages, as compared to a 10-page blog. The moment you increase your pages, you automatically boost your page impression.

If you study your AdSense member area carefully, you would observe that there is a section for page impression. That particular place is not about clicks, it talks about the number of pages on your blog, that features the Ads.

This is the reason why content sites like ezinearticles.com and the rest earn thousands daily. Even with few clicks, you would be surprised by how much you earn on a daily basis, just by increasing your pages.

4. Place AdSense Within Posts

This is quite obvious. We all know about Ads on posts, but that’s not what I’m after today. Even though you’ve your ads on every post, which side is it on? I mean, what’s the alignment?

Ok, to make this easy, when you are reading a book or an article online, which side do you start from? Left off course. That means, humans read contents from the left side to the right.

If you want to boost your AdSense earnings, put the 336 X 250 format on the left side. The reason for this is that, your visitor can detect the links, and click-through even before reading your content.

If you place it on the right, you would miss a lot of free clicks unknowingly. I’ve implemented this strategy on my review blog, where I review learn French software, Rocket French course and other foreign lanaguage lessons.. Within few days, the click-through rate increased significantly.

5. Keep Your Blog Fresh

Fresh content is what Google craves for. The irony of the whole thing is that, AdSense is owned by the same company that controls the ranking game. If your blog isn’t Google-search-friendly, you’re not going to perform well in terms of adSense.

Therefore, keep your blog fresh, research your topic in and out, and write unique, and detailed article daily. Well, if you can’t keep up with the daily post, make sure you post at least 3 times weekly.

The more fresh content you’ve on your blog, the higher your paying keywords, and consequently, your page impression will increase.

There you’ve it, the five smart ways to boost your AdSense earnings by 200%. Why not try it today on your AdSense pages and share your success story. In the mean time, what steps did you take to earn more from AdSense in the past few months? Share your comments!

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