5 Specific tips for Online Entrepreneurs Who do not know What to do With Facebook

Many business leaders are wondering what to do on Facebook (and other social technology platforms). How can companies take advantage of this new communication channel to get more and more engaged customers / partners / employees / suppliers while reducing costs?

The principle for success is simple. The big challenge is (and always has been) to put into practice!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave us the success formula for businesses on Facebook when he was asked during the World Economic Forum in Davos a few years ago about how companies succeed with Facebook. Here is a revised summary of the response to Zuckerberg:

Your customers, employees, partners, suppliers already do what they want to do. What you need to focus on is to make it easier for them to do what they already do.

Facebook can help your business in many ways. It’s not  about creating a Facebook page or to write some status updates, post some nice pictures and run competitions. It’s not about to let “social media experts” or communications advisers design a strategy and take care of it for you. As a business you need to focus on how you can make it easier for your customers, employees, competitors and partners to “connect”. Facebook can help you with this.

Your job as a leader is to point out the direction, make sure you have the right people on the job and make progress. A research says that strategy is about choosing a direction and implement like hell . This way of thinking has worked for many companies for over 30 years. It also works when it comes to Facebook. The details will fall into place after the first activities are implemented! Therefore, the main advice is to get started! Do it, do it, implement it.

Here are five specific tips for business leaders who want to succeed with Facebook.

1) Do not block Facebook for your employees

How can your business succeed on Facebook, if you deny your employees access? Some companies have chosen to shut down Facebook for employees on the job due. Waste of time or safety. This is almost never smart. If you treat your employees like children, they will behave like children. To shut Facebook can be a frustrating annoyance – especially for young people. Moreover, most Smartphones today which they can use Facebook anyway. Are you committed and motivated employees, you should treat them as responsible adults. If your employees spend too much time on Facebook, it’s not Facebook that’s the problem .

2) Create an informal intranet for your employees on Facebook

Most of your employees are already on Facebook unless you have had to invest in expensive IT systems, boring tutorials and costly internal meetings. This allows you to utilize. Create a closed Facebook group for your employees and let your employees communicate with each other there. You will be amazed at the benefits. Suddenly it will become easier for old and new employees to get to know each other and internal communication will be improved. People who know each other work better with each other and often deliver better results (ref: Goretex and Dunbars number  ). Just as there are written and unwritten rules of the lunch room and other common areas at work so there should be some simple rules for the firm closed Facebook group. How:  Here’s a video from HP that shows how to set up a closed group .

3) Create closed groups for better collaboration

E-mail is the biggest time thief for many firms. Email is, believe it or not, an outdated form of communication. Facebook (and other social platforms) works better in many cases. Think how many times you have received a CC e-mail and a long discussion dialogue on e-mail. Is it effective? Also check how your child interacts on Facebook. A simple “like” is often easier and better than responding to all that you have read and agree but you have some questions. An e-mail reply from you can often end up stealing several hours working with your staff! Explore how your business can use the modern social tools (not necessarily Facebook) instead of wasting time on e-mail!

4) Create open groups for your customers

People are talking about your company and your products already. Your business can use Facebook to gather customers in one place. You can pick up valuable feedback from your customers that you can use to improve products, customer service and marketing. There are of course other ways to do this, but why not use a tool that most people are familiar with from before? You do not have to invest in complex IT systems and animal contact management programs. Test it out on Facebook. If it works on Facebook, consider other options.

5) Create open Facebook pages for your business

Site open Facebook pages are tip of the iceberg. Facebook gives companies opportunities to market products and services. To get started with this you need to register a Facebook page and start producing relevant content for your readers. The contents will often come as a result of the first 4 tips in this article. When people begin to communicate internally, then relevant content and good ideas often bubble up to the surface.

Good ideas alone are worthless. To be successful, both the ideas and the ability to implement attend. So therefore, point out the direction and follow up with extreme focus on implementation.

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