5 Steps To Motivate Online Shoppers And Make Money Blogging Easily

Do you find it difficult to sell to others?

Well, you’re not alone. Every internet entrepreneur is a salesperson and our major goal is to sell more. But you can’t buy your products and services, others will. That’s why motivation is paramount. Online shoppers are already pre-sold in one way or the other. You’re not writing reviews to push or deceive them.

There are millions of online shoppers looking for coupon and viable discount deals to make purchases. A tiny percentage of these buyers can make a huge difference in your paycheck.

All you need do is motivate them. Present your product and services in such a manner as to benefit your prospect. Naturally, no one wants to be sold. The decision to buy is entirely up to your prospect. If you’re a blogger, I want to show you the five steps to motivate online shoppers and boost your conversion rate.

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1. Know Your Buyers Well

Whether you’re offering free coupon codes or cross-selling, Market research is important. It’s the stage that locates a viable market and what they truly want. If you’re a good listener, conversing with your friends and customers would reveal some amazing tips about them. The quickest way to know a person is by the words they use.

Prospects flow in the direction of their words. Once they’ve the thoughts flowing, the next thing is to visit Google for a search.

Hang around your potential customers. Don’t be far from them and assume all is well. Visit online forums and participate in the discussion. See what your target groups are tweeting about. All these are pointers to who they’re, what they want and how desperate they want it.

2. Employ Marketing Courtesy

Do you use courtesy in your marketing activities?

It’s very important in this information age. Mostly all the buyers in your niche have the final say. They want to feel as kings. It’s not easy to spend money even after the economic meltdown. You need to motivate them with kind words.

As much as you can, help your buyer see the good side of everything. Whatever is happening around you count. Use it as a stepping stone to position your products and services in the right direction.

Show courtesy always. Don’t be rude in your sales copy. Use plenty of gestures when giving a speech and don’t forget to say “thank you” when it’s necessary.

3. Earn Their Trust

It’s easy to say, but can you earn it?

Building trust is the most difficult part of marketing online. Do you know the #1 reason why few bloggers earn six figures yearly and others complain that nothing is happening?

The former have built a solid trust with her readers, the latter is using marketing hype to persuade buyers.

Don’t try to sell to anyone whom you’re yet to establish trust with. It’s going to hurt your feelings and goodwill in the future. Online shoppers are motivated by trust. The more trust they’ve for you; the easier they spend money on your product recommendations.

4. Target The Right Keywords

Yes, proper targeting can motivate people. Before a buyer conducts a search using any of the search engines, he already knows what he wants. He expects Google to extract the best web pages that has answers to his key term.

What happens when the search engine result pages (SERPs) are craps? The searcher is discouraged instantly. I’m sure this has happened to you. But when the right result pages appear, the motivation is further enhanced.

When writing your blog posts, product reviews and press releases, make sure you target the right keywords.

Use the best tools to research key terms before writing your contents. In my coupon blog, I’ve been able to target product key phrases Ex. wewood discount code, fossil discount coupon etc and this has led to an increase in sales every day. Motivation brings about higher conversion and trust. Remember that!

5. Focus On Quality Contents

Content isn’t king, but “quality” content is.

It doesn’t matter how much promotion you employ, you will still suck and complain if y our content is mediocre. Make a decision in your business to continually write insightful posts.

As we highlighted above, you’re not trying to sell anything to anyone. Online shoppers have already shown interest in your product from the keywords they searched for. Your role as a content writer is to light up their path and give extra motivation that leads to sales.

Avoid the temptation of plagiarism. Don’t spun contents and make it yours. Spend quality time in writing unique posts. It would product greater results in the long-run. Never lose hold on this truth!

Marketing Takeaway

Are you scared of selling? According to Brian Tracy, everyone is a salesperson. Your own channel may be different from mine, but we’re all selling one thing or the other. In order to sharpen your selling chutzpah, the above strategies can help you motivate that buyer and make you good money. See you ahead!


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