5 Ways to Make Yourself Visible On Facebook

Facebook visibility

New Facebook settings have made it nearly impossible to see what your friends are doing. This is bad news for fan pages and private pages alike. While some companies have decided to ignore the problem or are just oblivious that this creates a problem, they are deluding themselves. Facebook is an important part of your company’s networking and should not be ignored. But what can you do to overcome this huge obstacle Facebook has recently created? Well, here are five ways you can make yourself visible again and start drawing attention to your business.

1. Interact with People Often

Interaction will draw the most attention to your posts. When friends see you as someone that communicates with them, they are likely to put you on the “close friends” list and request to view all of your posts. This idea works great both if you use Facebook to promote your business or even on your personal page.

2. Ask Them to Add Your Page to Their Feed

If your page isn’t in their feed, they won’t see your posts. They only have to visit your fan page, mark the page as “show in feed” and then interact with you. This will give your pages more visibility instantly. This is a common request nowadays and should not be seen as demanding or offensive. Most wise business people and even personal page owners are making this request of their followers to overcome the issue Facebook’s changes have caused.

3. Ask Them to Share

Sharing posts also increases your visibility. When you post something on a page it will get five to 25 percent visibility by fans. Sharing increases its viral reach. Ask your friends to share statuses and updates to get more views. Their friends will see posts and visit your page. The chain will continue as long as you are actively promoting your pages. This is an excellent way to
get more like and page views without a lot of work on your part.

4. Cross-link Facebook and Twitter

Allow your posts on Facebook to automatically tweet your followers on Twitter. Cross-linking greatly improves interaction on both platforms with minimal work involved. This increases your post visibility and how viral your posts can get. Cross-linking also improves searches of your company or blog.

5. Post Often

The more you post the more attention is drawn to your pages. If you only post once per day, you are only getting a maximum of 25 percent visibility. If you post more than once, that visibility will increase gradually. This allows more fans to see what you are saying. Don’t post spammy content. Keep it relevant and interesting. Ask questions to your fans to keep them engaged.

Increasing Facebook visibility is getting increasingly difficult. Facebook wants you to pay for your posts to be visible, but you can outsmart them without spending a dime. Don’t continue losing traffic because of these changes. Follow the above steps to increase exposure, and you can keep gaining new followers and fans.

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