7 Great Ways of Earning Income from Your Website

Who would not like to make money using a blog or website? If you are running a website or blog, you would obviously be keen in knowing how to make money online. If you are running a Blog, you can check Arba’s post which describes all you need to know about Make Money via Blogging. This post is for those who are running a website. If you think I missed out something, kindly let me know that in the comments. There are several ways you could make money from your website.


1. Selling eBooks

Promoting a relevant book through a website is a very popular way of making money online. You could launch a book to ride on a website’s success or build a site around the success of a book.

2. Selling hardcopy books

Many journalists and authors leverage their sites or blogs to sell hard copies of their books. Though some of these people were famous authors before starting their sites, quite a number found fame thorough promoting books on their sites. Some of the most popular self-publishing services include Self Publishing, Lulu, iUniverse and WordClay.

3. Selling WordPress themes or templates

With the many sites and blogs being built every day, there is an increasing demand for WordPress themes and website templates. As a designer, you can sell and promote your work independently.

4. Offering consultancy services

If you are an expert in any area, you could make an income through offering consulting services. The information and articles you share on your blog or site will validate your expertise, thus enabling you to win the trust of customers.

5. Creating an email newsletter or list

Email newsletters and lists are some of the most effective money making and marketing tools online. They offer great conversion rates and are efficient in calling people to action. It is not difficult to create a large list. If your site is popular, you can take advantage of that to get more subscribers on your list.

Email newsletters can be managed using software such as SendStudio NX, AWeber, Constant Contact adnd PHP Autoresponder.

6. Mentoring programs

Education is a very lucrative industry worldwide.  Many people would be willing to spend money on something or someone who can offer them knowledge. You could create a mentoring program which is relevant to your site’s niche. With proper structuring and promotion, this can be very profitable. The information can be delivered thorough text articles or video and audio lessons.

7. Creating web-based conferences

If your site becomes an authority, thus earning respect within its niche, you could consider building a conference around it. Such an event would enable you to make money from sponsors and conference passes.

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