7 “Top to Toe” Wearable Gadgets You May Not Know

We’re living in the era of technology which makes our lives significantly easier. Nowadays, you can easily connect to the internet with Wi-Fi while back in time this was completely impossible. Furthermore, we use smartphones, fancy laptops, and tablets on a daily basis. But, a progress of technology doesn’t stop there. We’re also witnessing the rise of wearable gadgets that aim to make your life even easier. These wearable gadgets can help you stay on track to lose weight, help you with posture, etc. Although these wearable gadgets aren’t a must, and you can, most certainly, survive without them if you’re into technology, then you’ll love our list of wearable gadgets you should consider purchasing.

1. I am Puls

Dr. Dre’s Beats became the most popular headphones on the planet proving that popular musician can establish a global brand in electronics by making smart decisions. And it’s not difficult to predict what comes next. Numerous musicians want to do the same thing and Will.I.Am, the popular producer and a member of Black Eyed Peas, wants to accomplish the same thing with Puls smart brand. The result of this endeavor is I am Puls smart cuff; you better not call it the smartwatch, which is dubbed to pose as fashion’s first wrist-phone. If you’re interesting into how it’s like to wear this cuff instead of taking your phone with you, then you should definitely go for I am Puls if you have $400 to spare that is.

UPRIGHT posture tracker

2. UPRIGHT posture tracker

How many times has your mother warned you about posture when you were a child? Yes, that happened a lot. You probably don’t want to admit it, but your mother was right. Improper posture is associated with:

  • Worsened depression and stress
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor breathing
  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Tension headaches

Did you know there’s a gadget that can help you have a proper posture? We’re talking about UPRIGHT tracker that has to be attached to your back. The gadget vibrates every time you slouch. According to the official website, using this gadget is very easy. All you have to do is to connect the gadget with a mobile device, follow video tutorials that explain how to use all its potential, calibrate it, and train to accomplish goals you see in your app. The primary purpose of UPRIGHT is to help you maintain a proper posture and introduce healthy habits to your lifestyle. This gadget can be quite useful for people suffering from back, shoulder, and neck pain.

3. Self-adjusting belt

There are smart watches, phones, cuffs, but did you know there are smart belts as well? One of the oddest pieces of wearable technology belongs to Betty, first smart belts. The primary intention of Betty was to design first lifestyle and wellness belts that also re-adjust themselves. For example, when you sit down your belt will automatically loosen. When you stand up, it will tighten. This smart belt can also increase your walking pace through rhythm, challenge you to climb more dynamically, and even encourage you to drink more water. And let’s not forget you can track your progress on a special app.

4. In-ear device that monitors your chewing

Losing weight requires physical activity and healthy diet. That’s why you go to the gym and eliminate unhealthy foods from your menu. This tiny gadget aims to help you lose weight by tracking your chewing patterns and helping you establish healthier eating habits. BitBite monitors your eating patterns by analyzing chewing sounds with a microphone available in off-the-shelf headset devices. This gadget knows when, where, what, and how you’re eating and sends real-time dietary advice to your phone. If you want to have a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, but don’t mind wearing an earpiece, this is the gadget for you.

5. Logbar ring

Ring made by Logbar is designed to be some miraculous gadget that allows you to control almost everything around you such as text transmission, payment, gesture control, etc. That sounds amazing. But, developers of this smart tool didn’t pay too much attention to design. In the end, you get a huge ring with a massive price tag. However, if you want to feel like you’re in Lord of the Rings and if your dream is to wear a ring that has some sort of “power” in it, then you can consider Logbar’s gadget.

6. Zepp

Do you play tennis, softball, golf, or baseball? If so, then you were probably thinking about different ways to improve your performance. Zepp can help you with that. All you have to do is to stick this tiny gadget onto your glove, racket, or bat and it will send a video analysis of swing abilities to your phone. According to Zepp’s website, the battery is durable and analysis highly accurate. Zepp belongs to the group of gadgets you never knew you needed.

7. Myo armband

If you’re not into rings that control everything, maybe armbands will sound like a much better idea. If you didn’t check fuse crunch latest tech news, then you probably missed Myo armband presentation. This gadget allows you to wirelessly control technology with motion and gestures. It works on the principle of detecting the electrical impulses sent to your muscles when you move your arm. What makes Myo armband stand out from other wearable gadgets that control gestures are that fact it doesn’t feature camera thus being more responsive and sensitive.


Wearable gadgets have become extremely popular lately. There are gadgets that help you perform better in sports, lose weight, introduce healthy eating habits, etc. The selection is massive which means you can easily find the one that will benefit you the most. Some gadgets are completely unnecessary, but it is undeniable that some of them can be of huge help in your endeavors. This article presented seven gadgets you can consider purchasing.

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