8 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 8

One Small Step For Microsoft Windows, One Giant Leap For Mankind – 8 Reasons To Get Windows 8

Windows 8

“Should I make that jump to Windows 8?” This is the main question that has been bugging the minds of both consumers and developers alike. Windows 7 was a pretty solid OS, why would they risk it for something that, from the looks of it, seems like a far cry from previous Windows versions? Would Windows 8 be another Vista?

Thankfully, it looks like Windows 8 is another class of its own. Microsoft has offered Developer, Consumer, and Release previews in the past year so people will get a taste of what this new, innovative OS can offer.

Not convinced? Here are some of the features that people are loving right now:

New Windows Interface

Before the threat of lawsuits started to loom, the user interface was known as the very cool “Metro.” Now it’s just the plain old Windows 8 UI. Nevertheless, it still is one of the most striking features that most consumers will notice. The old Start button, desktop, and shortcuts have been done away with, and in its place is a snazzy, dynamic interface that looks similar to that found on the Windows Phone.

Resource Friendly

Hardware requirements for Windows 8 are pretty low. It’s so low, in fact, that with a little bit of tweaking, some people were able to run the OS on low level netbooks and tablets. It is not a resource-hog like Windows Vista was, and can perfectly run on older machines as long as they meet the hardware requirements.


Microsoft is currently running a promotion that brings down the price of a Windows 8 Pro upgrade to a mere $40, no matter what version of Windows you are using. This promo is available until January 31, 2013, and also comes with Media Center Pack as a freebie.

File History

A radically more superior version of Windows Back-up, File History will let users protect their files from going corrupt or from being accidentally deleted or modified. This feature works by storing the complete history of changes that was made to a file, which can then be later recovered at any point in time.

Refresh And Reset

For those instances when the OS needs an overhaul, the Refresh and Reset functions are of great help. Refresh creates a new copy of the OS without affecting personal data, while Reset will restore it to factory defaults.

Support for ARM

Windows RT will also be released alongside the main editions of Windows 8. This is a version of Windows 8 that is perfectly compatible with ARM processors.

Cloud Syncing

People can log on to their machine with a Windows Live account that could store their personal settings on the cloud- great if you have multiple computers that are running Windows 8. Skydrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, is also perfectly integrated into the OS.

Windows Store

Apps and other software can now be easily downloaded from just one place. The great thing about Windows Store is that all of the apps there are Microsoft approved and tested – no hidden malware or viruses.

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  1. I am using Windows 8 for last few weeks. It seemed to a good OS, Less resource , lot many new features. For Tablet Metro design is good , but desktop it is not that much. Start menu is another problem , but we can overcome it within days. I will give 8/10 mark to this new OS where i would give 9/10 for Windows 7.


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