9 Actions to Achieve Efficient Social Media Action

We will begin to analyze an interesting article published by Social Media Examiner discussed in the 9 main reasons why our content is not shared socially.

At present, the lack of involvement is crucial for the construction of influence, an aspect that is not new if we look from the perspective of the inseparable relationship between the achievement of the objectives set and the conversion of our traffic.

Yes, Google has changed the paradigms + associated with social networks and actions of the marks on these tools provide us with unique qualities and impossible for people.

The staging of the new social SEO, that which comes from what a growing human robot, defined as quality, presents us with a volume of information and dynamism of such magnitude that the only way to achieve the same conversion, social interaction, is still a benchmark in terms of quality, opinion, education, commitment and efficiency, which underlies the contents related to the brand.

In order to establish a link between the brand and our fans powerful enough to get our reader becomes a champion of this view, showing their satisfaction with the content and taking a further step in the exposition of who I am and what I Interested? It is necessary to be able to create, innovate, high quality content, with added value and establish a strategy to promote to attract traffic.

And while not trying to analyze the ways in which content becomes optimal, but what are the motivations that lead users to interact through social buttons, become ultimately linked with the brand.

social media influence

1. Confidence

To build trust is needed it, if our reputation has been battered by a mistake of the past must be confronted through a dialogue with our customers, the reasons why this situation occurred and how they will be avoided in the future .

If we make tangible this situation, we focus on content without any added value, in which only searched keywords and links to captivate fast traffic create a text that provides no answers and no they can not build confidence.

2. Consistency and Perseverance

When there are no social interaction because users are not sure of the constancy and perseverance of the brand. Often users do not consider that the mark is in line with market supply, so it is easier to recall other references.

In short, our content is not a benchmark and this may occur for an upgrade inadequate.

The content is ultimately who gives answers today and meet needs, just through it, is that it does enable social advancement.

3. Boredom is not incompatible with the quality

Many are watching content that lack adequate, are not concrete at the time of delivering the most relevant messages and do not provide the most efficient techniques that give writing a text of the rates necessary to maintain the reader’s attention.

Interesting, fun and rigorous, are aspects shared by the best content on the network.
Video Service in relation to the new content, innovation and creativity with fun coverage, the keywords of the most viral.

4. The consumers are not brand content

This is one reason which can be very interesting analysis.

The big challenge we have faced the social ecosystem lies in accepting that concepts such as outsourcing, CRM, interest and need, as seen from a consumer perspective in all of us, are not linked at all to any provision of business innovation.

This means that users are associated with content, with emotions, with messages, with the news, with trends, quality and they do feel identified in some way or have found an answer to a question of nature usual in a dizzying process of adaptation as we travel east through the.

It is the quality of content, causes and reasons that trigger the attention is the commitment to the people we read, what is valued by users but, indirectly, this translates into a social action around the brand .

This is where it acquires a specific gravity of view, as the current cycle in which the virtual word of mouth is but from the authors, it is possible to build a permanent added value to the contents if not through high quality opinion and experience of the authors of today.

5. Interact and share, not to promote

People share on social networks that which is akin to who we are, looking for points which we link to “our community” if done indirectly through the promotion of the contents of the marks, but it is only through active listening and being accessible to our users that we can build an efficient social action around our brand.

The content and link with people who share interests or needs, a majority among those surveyed.

6. Recognition efficient

Use common sense, what coaching would be if it were not so … all seeking recognition, is exactly what motivated the man from the beginning and in all its facets. Be recognized is essential to build credibility.

Today is the content who makes tangible the quality of our experiences and accumulated knowledge. Knowing what to expect from us is essential to provide answers.

7. Learning, always present

Social networks and the act of sharing information are very present in the feed of information needed to adapt to the dramatic happens with that information, and well known is that the more we know, the better our freedoms of choice.

The information management manifests the interests of users, open to identify the underlying information content shared by our users, we help identify what really matters to our customers.

8. Knowledge of the community

It is obvious that there are global and general profiles in which we can frame our fans depending on the actions carried around information management.

It is therefore essential to identify who they are and what our potential customers look at when setting the content needed to attract attention and build confidence.

9. The e-mail

While this first moment of dizzying social hatch through which transit is being considered the possibility of witnessing the end of email marketing, interaction is specifically inherent in social rede, which have identified as major strengths of e electronic privacy, the collusion between players, making the marketing through this medium, has the satisfaction of users.

And finally two great advice related to the common characteristics of network users, for whom time is money and the need to do to be more proactive rather than increase.

This brings us to determine that the powerful messages, short and to innovation and creativity that underlies the author’s own opinion, is what captures the attention of most users.

• Confidence
• Proof
• Knowledge
• Quality of Service
• Interaction
• Active listening
• Effective use of tools
• Specialization, learn to choose

They are the key to finally achieving the content we deliver our target and this demand is the only way to capture the social action and achieve the bond with our customers, the sustained growth of our brand … which aims to be a benchmark in the market.

We leave you with an interesting article published in Social Media Examiner where a classification of type 6 profiles users in relation to the actions they take to the contents of interest.

And you … how do you think will be able to accumulate social influence?

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