A Brief Review Of LG Optimus LTE Tag

LG another Korean company, post World War II that has entered the household appliances and electronic devices arena in a big scale, with exports accounting for a sizable chunk of their business activity. Rivaling the Japanese and the different MNCs from Europe and America LG has built up a vast empire for its products. As is required in electronic field LG has updating its technology all the time. No LG product in the market can be looked down upon as having being made with outdated technology. Staying ahead of rivals in the international field and that to for a company which surfaced only after WWII is a remarkable achievement.

lg optimus lte tag features and specifications

LG is run by people with a strong sense of business, with the pulse on the market all the time. LG products are what the market wants and seldom require much pushing through as a new product. Rivalry is met with original marketing methods. With a keen eye on the market LG could easily catch on to the potential for mobile phones when they were introduced in the market by MNCs of the Western world nearly half a century ago. The mobile phone industry has seen revolutionary changes in the use of electronic technology and computer application.

Technical Features of LG Optimus LTE Tag

With the advent of intent smart phone is gaining popularity though slowly because of the very high price. As the market picks up the price is bound to come down. LG not to be left behind with their model the LG Optimus LTE Tag. This is coming out before with MWC 2012 and it is hailed as a revolutionary product from LG with new NFC innovation and LG tag Plus. Other salient features are listed as follows:

  • Connectivity is through LTE with NFC support
  • Capability for changing the settings automatically, by communication with special Tag
  • The processor is 1.2GHz is dual core
  • Display is 4.30inches having a resolution of 800X480 pixels
  • eMMC memory is 16GB


The smart phone LG Optimus LTE Tag comes two cameras, fixed in front. One of the cameras has a resolution of 5MB and the other has 1.3MB. The LG Optimus LTE Tag runs on Gingerbread technology of 2.3 Google Android. It is also provided with MHL output and DLNA support. The power supply to the smart phone is from nickel cadmium battery of 1700mAh capacity and the battery rechargeable from any power point.

Additional Features

The operating system of the LG Optimus LTE Tag is 2.3 Android is likely to be updated to ICS at a later date in the later versions. For such a high-tech device the display resolution of 800X480 seems a little smaller than other makes. Its Wi-Fi facility is compatible with Bluetooth and other wireless devices. The most attractive feature of this device is the tag attachment which facilitates swiping for a number of facilities. This alone is expected give the competitive edge over other brands.

The LG Optimus LTE Tag has already been Korean market and is enjoying tremendous popularity. Other regions are eagerly waiting for the launch that may be anytime now.

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