Amp up your Twitter Marketing Plan with Advanced Marketing Techniques

Once you have established a basic Twitter marketing plan, gotten into a groove of how to use the 140 character social media platform, and know what you’re doing with the basics, it is time to move beyond those simple marketing plans and get into advanced Twitter marketing strategies.

Here are 4 that you can start incorporating into your Twitter marketing plan right now:

1. Have something to say about current events

Did you read this and think ‘what? I’m not a news provider!’ The truth is you while you may not be CNN you are still a content provider. Finding news and current events that relate to your business, even in a small way, and having a say on it can result in massive retweet numbers.

You don’t even have to choose a side in the statements. In fact, it is best to offer up a piece of trivia related to the news story and let your followers have at it. You can start many lively discussions just by talking about what is going on in your industry and in the general news and saying ‘What do you think?.’

2. Connect in the real world when people call

In this sense, ‘call’ means when people tweet about your company or industry. Your best strategy is to set up keyword alerts related to your business for your geo specific area (Hootesuite is great for this), and respond to tweets that fall under those categories with an opportunity presented for you to help someone.

An example could be finding a tweet within your search parameters that says something like: “Ugh! No time to leave for lunch today! #starvingattheoffice” Your catering company could then show up with some free snacks. Be sure to tell the employee how you found her tweet, and maybe suggest a hashtag to send out. The whole office will be talking about it online – you’ll get free online exposure that creates great karma. Karma is almost tangible in online social networks.

3. Speak in your voice

The time for scripts and carefully controlled messages are over once you go on online. Your Twitter marketing plan should allow the person controlling the account itself the flexibility and freedom to speak in their own voice.

Twitter logo unfiltered

A great way to do this is to allow your community manager to speak with their followers in the way they are being spoken to. If someone sends you a funny photo, give your manager the freedom to respond back in kind. If your community adopts a new hashtag around your business, use it.

Social media is collaborative and about human connections. Using language that is real, responding to people on their terms, and evolving with your community are the keys to keeping your online fans engaged. Make it part of your daily Twitter marketing plan to make lasting connections.

4. Host an online party with a live Twitter chat

I don’t personally like the term ‘Twitter chat.’ I prefer ‘Twitter party,’ or ‘Twitter hang out.’ The argument is over synonyms, but the tone could be set by the wording you choose. What you will be doing is hyping up an upcoming time when you, or a noted industry expert or celebrity, will be on Twitter answering questions and providing useful information.

For a great turn out you’ll want to start advertising this well in advance. Newsletters, a custom hashtag for the event, a Facebook page, and of course tweets, will build up hype. If you can’t find an industry expert then be that expert. Highlight your skills in the subject on a webpage, direct people to it through Twitter, and build the trust you deserve before you start your Twitter party.

For a next level party, and to really bring people out, offer prizes. This can be anything from discounts at your business, to having a feature written about them on your website, or an actual prize. Get creative and create that ‘I want to be there’ excitement. What creative ideas have worked for your Twitter marketing plan in the past?

Author Bio: Matthew Yeoman is a freelance writer currently living abroad. He writes for, several website design companies, and enjoys soccer about as much as any 10 year old boy. He resides in Cape Town, South Africa at this time.

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