A Close Look At Android 4.1 Jelly Bean With Predictive Keyboard & Smoothest OS

Google has recently introduced its latest version of Android OS at the I/O developer event. The new version of Android OS is named Jelly Bean that would be available in platform lead-devices by the mid of July. Currently, it is available only in Nexus 7. It is another advanced version of Android OS, which is expected to be the smoothest and fastest OS so far. Android 4.1 is increment update to ICS that is aimed at making Ice-cream Sandwich to be faster, smoother, and more fluid. You will notice a number of UI changes that range from onscreen keyboard and improved notification, to voice typing, widget control, and native camera application. Moreover, the developer changes of this new Android OS will promise you to give greater control and flexibility, if you are an app developer.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Predictive Keyboard

Keyboard of Jelly bean looks quite similar to stock edition that is found in Ice-cream Sandwich. However, after taking an experience of typing you will realize that this better than previous keyboard. You will find a noteworthy keyboard with this new launch of Google. Similar to that of third party alternative, the Google version automatically learns as soon as you type and begins to recommend next word that is based on similar phrases. Simply, it just works beautifully as SwiftKey. It is very convenient have microphone button of voice search to facilitate you further. No doubt, this would be the best stock Android keyboard till date. It is very convenient with go-to option that was difficult so far.

Project Butter

It is the 1st change applied to Jelly Bean that make use of triple buffering, and vsync timing for responsive touch, which will be as smooth as butter. All display refreshes, and animations gets locked to 16 millisecond heartbeat. The touch responsiveness is improved further by predicting next touch, which will be applicable before time-out. However, in case of time out, CPU input boost will be used for minimal latency.

Widget Control

The widget adding experience is greatly improved by Google with Jelly Bean. You can now automatically resize app widgets on the space available on home-screen. The apps developers will also have flexibility and control for reorienting the widget interface that depends on the size.


New Notification menu is another biggest change with Jelly bean. Significantly, notifications will now be interactive that can be collapsed or expanded for taking more information without opening any relevant app. The notifications in new Android devices will have display priority and support image content. Moreover, Native apps such as Gmail will provide you detailed notification if you want further information related to a specific notification.

Voice Search and Typing

It is another special function with Jelly Bean. The voice search is also improved by Google with increase in accuracy, faster response timing, and natural sounding voice. You will be very pleased to use new voice search from Google as it facilitates you better search than any previous versions. Moreover, Google announced that it will support more languages than the previous version. It will support 18 new languages that include Persian too.

Summary: The new OS Jelly Bean will definitely be the smoothest OS by Google so far. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be an amazing OS by Google with several new features.

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