5 Essential Android Applications to Find the Best Entertainment

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The geo is fashionable and is one of the most useful tools of our Android phones, so to get the most you’re going to talk about five applications for the best entertainment you should have. Taking advantage of the series of articles they have published our fellow Engadget on food and internet , we are going to talk about mobile applications available for Android when looking restaurant recommendation , bars , cinemas , petrol stations , hotels or anywhere .

We will discuss applications of the Web service itself recommendations as 11870 , Minube and Foursquare , or act of aggregating content from other sources as Bliquo .


11870 is one of the oldest service of Spain in recommending restaurants and places of all kinds .He has over 50 000 registered users web nourish opinions about any professional or entertainment venue. All this tremendous collaborative database can be accessed from the phone through its official application for Android that is constantly evolving to offer new products constantly.

11870 user If we can carry all places our agenda and our contacts. Of course, we can look anywhere near the position by selecting a category or a text search. All sites have a complete sheet with photos, maps, user comments, telephone and even the possibility of checkin to announce that we are there.

And without doubt one of the features I use most is to keep a site to not forget. Then I can consult from a website and fill in more details of the place. One of the critical applications when I want to explore new places to eat or spend my leisure time.


Foursquare is the social network based on geo-star comparable in importance to Facebook or Twitter. It began under the guise of a simpleton playing with friends to see who could most checkin in a place to be the largest , has now become, at least for me, a powerful recommender sites thanks to the tips left by users. Including two essential features as the places they frequent check my friends when they checkin or lists of things to do.

The philosophy of the tips is to make small recommendations of what to do on that site that strikes at first sight with the typical recommendation. Another point in its favor is its curious browser that uses the most popular sites or contacts to offer places we might find interesting. We can also check the sites that are trend at that time with more people doing ckeckin. Virtually all of the content comes from users which sometimes contain errors and missing data such as contact telephone number which is its biggest disadvantage.

Google Places (Places)

The application is integrated with Places Google Maps . Supported by a powerful database offers information stores on the same map from Google and, as well as useful contact information, perhaps the most complete. Are missing there user comments (rarely we find any) and star-rate functionality is hardly used.

Noted for its clean interface and seamless integration with Google Maps or Google Navigator for searching from the map. Perhaps the Zagat acquisition by Google give a boost as recommendations of sites interesting opinions.


Bliquo is an urban entertainment search engine that aggregates data from websites such as 11870, or Restalo Atrapalo . The main places that groups are restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Upon entering we found a very simple menu with various options. Like the rest of us offers a list of sites sorted by proximity with his assessment.

With Bliquo we find around us offers from different content providers. What adds value to our search for recommended sites.


The Minube application offers search and share the best places to visit in tourist plan worldwide. As in previous applications upon entering geo-positioned in us where we are and gives us three options: what to see , where to eat and nowhere to sleep . Simple choices we seek when we travel.

The highlight of this application is the ability to create a trip and go keeping corners we do not want to miss. It has a database maintained corners with good quality images and detailed descriptions. We may also share our own experiences of the places we visit with photos and text. A great application for writing our travel diary in full route as we discover new sites. A hit to save sites to consult them offline.

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