Android as Your Fitness Trainer

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How much can you expect from you smart phone? Gaming, shopping, social networking is that it? Your smart phone is now smarter than you think. Now it can also take care of your diet and health. If you have an Android phone, you do not need a fitness trainer. This smart phone can work as a smart fitness trainer which helps you to keep a check your diet.

These are some free android health apps for your fitness and diet.

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Calorie Counter by FatSecretCalorie Counter Android

A popular android app which tells all the Calorie and Nutrition Facts for the foods you eat. You can manage your diet with the help of this app. With this app you can easily keep track of your meals, exercise and weight.

Download Calorie Counter

Healthy Recipes – SparkRecipesHealthy Recipes Android

This is a nice app to search and browse healthy recipes and save your favorites as book mark for quick reading. It also provide calories, fat, and more for each recipe

Download Healthy Recipes- SparkRecipes

Diet & Calorie TrackerDiet & Calorie Tracker

With the help of this free app you can easily lose weight and get in shape. This app is from the website, the world’s most popular diet and fitness site.

Download Diet & Calorie Tracker

Diet MasterDiet Master Android

This is another great app for those who wants to keep a check on their food intake. With this app you can create you diet plans, calculate calories and log weights. This app shows you all the things in graphical charts which is easy to understand and easy to measure changes.

Download Diet Master

There are lots of free and paid apps available which can help you get full analysis of your diet aand can help you control your weight and many more things which you wouldn’t expect from your smart phone.

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