5 Best Android Photo Applications You Must Have

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For not only cameras EVIL and SLR photographer living today, for those who use their mobile phone every day and want to be on the cutting edge applications that play with your pictures (because ultimately it’s about being creative and fun) Today we bring you five photo applications for Android users.

Many of these applications drink some of the characteristics of Instagram for iPhone, however, here we will highlight other new aspects that will make your pictures taken with your smartphone ‘s unique instant your daily life. started.

Photoshop Express

Also available for iPhone, Adobe Photoshop Express, the little sister of Photoshop, is characterized by a series of allowing quick adjustments to enhance the qualities (artistic) of our pictures taken with the phone. Just after starting the application, we display our photos appear in stored for us to choose one and start to edit. Four basic buttons located at the top which in turn hide cropping, rotation, exposure, brightness and contrast, focus, filters and frames among many other settings options. Nothing new for the user of Photoshop, but adjusting the sensation of his fingers on the screen of the smartphone and the ability to quickly share the image on social networks like Facebook.


What is special about Snapbucket, also available for iPhone, is the fact that nothing else access it opens the camera in a very photographic and curious to give us the feeling of having a camera dummy in our hands. Once the picture is taken, we have at our disposal a series of filters, effects, frames and vignettes very complete to unleash our creativity. Noteworthy are some textures imitating bokeh and the ability to share, once finished editing, the major social networks with a single click, previously only have to register it becomes tedious when you realize that you can access your account through Twitter or Facebook and then take your data from it and having to make a record in your own network. Snapbucket Because social network functions as a photo with the same features for monitoring and networking contacts that we all know.


Picplz would be as an alternative to Instagram for Android devices . With a clean and simple interface allows us to work on pictures in our gallery or start from scratch touch up taking a new snapshot. Then just apply one of the effects of cross-process offers from retro, back, etc.. and then save or share, without records, and in just one click, on Twitter or Facebook. In all of those listed in this post, is one of the most simple and fast to use, ideal for those times in which we share with our friends this photograph taken on the street while we waited for the bus or taking a coffee at the bar . It is therefore one of the most responsive to the user’s smartphone philosophy. Photography, edit and share. Fast, easy and creative. We must also say that functions as a social network, thus we find among our contacts who use this application and be aware of their photographic movements.

Pho.to Lab

With the drawback that it only works on Internet connection, Photo.to Lab becomes the less serious in those already shown. Its effects are rather designed to work with a smile portraits to get us on Facebook to share the result. Refrain purists and other defenders of the unretouched image, this is an application that uses photography to make other CreAcción, do not stop to consider it. Many effects really is amazing, being able to put our picture from printed on a race car up immersed in the water bath or on the shirt bottom sheet of Mesi. You can also make collages, to put filters (excessive as expected), and countless caricatures of resources where imagination has no limits.

Quick Pic

And finally with our top 5, an application that will facilitate the task of watching our pictures. Quick Pic is an application to edit anything, but comes to sustuir the photo gallery for the presentation of our images. In fact, once installed, when trying to find a picture from other applications automatically asks if you want to upload a photo from the gallery or from this viewer. Can sort by name, route or date, add new folders and view thumbnails to open a folder which saves us time. No doubt an application that allows us to have all our photos sorted and ready to make the job search easier.

Needless to say all these applications have been created to take advantage of the creativity from our mobile device . In my opinion does not attempt to unseat the photograph taken with cameras manufactured exclusively for it. In fact, if you approach the filters and other effects used, you will realize that here just trying to be creative with your smartphone, taking snaps and share them quickly. This is another league, is something totally different, a new language, though, that allows us to new forms of photographic CreAcción adapted to changing times.

I hope the heap up, you have fun and exploréis your creative side. Taking photos with the phone is also a way to keep alert to the world around us, the world of the image that has to be so present in our lives as photographers because sketching with our mobile, it can also help to create real canvases our camera Reflex. Think about it.

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