Apple’s iOS 5 Beta Release: 200+ Features

There have been quite many rumors regarding the release and features of iOS 5. It has been released by Apple but only for the developers. Pin this page as an app tab while I update this post with all the features that iOS 5 is going to possess. If I miss something, as always the comments section is there for you to shout at me 😉

Notifications made better

Apple has completely revamped its notification system .It has removed the annoying pop-ups and instead we have a cool notification center.

Moreover this feature will not interrupt you instead it ll just show up on the top of the screen.If you’re playing a game, you get an animation up top that swivels down.iOS 5 notification centre

You just need to slide down from the top of the screen to view all your notifications.


It’s on the lock screen as well, and you can if you slide across any of them you’ll go straight to that app.


As expected, Twitter is going to be a big part of iOS 5. Apple’s goal was to make Twitter easier to use in iOS 5. In iOS 5, Apple has added “Single Sign On,” a feature that allows you to login to Twitter directly from your Settings app.


Also as expected, Twitter has been integrated into the Photo and Camera apps. From now on, you can send pictures directly to Twitter without having to launch an app.

In addition, you can tweet from Safari, from YouTube, or from Maps.You can tweet your location too…

iOS 5 is bringing contact integration. You will now be able to use Twitter to automatically update the photos in your contact list


Safari is the best mobile web browser out there.According to Apple 2 / 3 of all mobile web browsing is done through Safari.iOS 5 features safari


Safari Reader is a new button when you’re reading a story on a website. It’s up in the address bar.

All the distractions are gone, with just text in a single, scrolling story.You can e-mail the contents of the story thats pretty cool…


Wow!! this feature is awesome. Lots of folks apparently ignoring their honey-do lists to be here today.

You can store lists of things, assign a reminder to any dates, and you can even assign a “location”.iOS 5 features safari


You can set a location based reminders too.It’ll set up a geofence.”

Big applause for that…


Camera app is getting quite a few improvements. First one of them is that you’ll now be able to launch the Camera app from the lockscreen, with the addition of a new icon there.ios5 camera


Additionally, you will be able to shoot the picture by pressing the volume buttons.

Another great feature brought to iOS 5 new camera app is the ability to edit pictures on the fly. We’ll now be able to crop, reduce red eye effect and auto enhance them too…


Rich-text formatting, indentation control, draggable addresses (from To: to Cc: or Bcc:), flagging so you can mark them as unread, and now you can search the entire contents of messages.iOS 5 mail


And S/MIME is being added as well,so that you can encrypt your messages

Its “post PC” era…So its gonna be PC free

Now, when you take the phone out of the box, you just see “Welcome” instead of a prompt to tether it. “You can now setup and activate your device right on the device and you are ready to go. It’s that easy.”iOS 5 pcfree


Updates are gonna be delta updates, so you’re just getting what’s changed .


iMessages is a service that works for all iOS 5 users. It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and it allows you to send text, photos, videos, contacts to any of your friends, assuming they have an iOS device…imessage


iMessage will work on both wifi and 3G and is encrypted for extra security.

you will getget delivery receipts, read receipts, and real-time typing notification..isnt that awesome??


To top it Apple will offer iCloud which will back up all your data and push it to all your devices effortlessly free of cost.(5GB space)..

iOS 5 will be available this fall.It will be compatible with all the devices above ipod touch 3G.

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