5 Applications & Utilities Your Desktop Must Have

We have seen utilities for recovering files and content that we thought lost , we suggest applications to be more secure and ensure privacy online , or even gave you some alternatives geek to the notebook .

All this is fine, because the real goal is to take advantage of the computer working with it or using it in some way (games, content consumption, and etc.), but will agree that having a good working environment is indispensable to enjoy and perform tasks in conditions, and this is also transferred to the desktop of your computer.

Periodically in the section desks Bitel we are going to show not only wallpapers concentration provide us or make our system more attractive, but also small pieces of software that changes the appearance or serve to add functionality to the desktop. Today I wanted to focus on this type of utility and to present your desktop applications to be the last .


This is a classic for Windows. With enough time on the market, this utility allows us to have adock bar or toolbar from which to launch your favorite applications. The aim was to replicate the original bar of Mac systems, and they have also added a number of alternative effects to leave it to our liking.

There are many similar utilities on the market, but all I’ve tested this is the most reliable and easiest to use. To do this simply drag your favorite applications within or outside the bar if we want to eliminate them. Change the position, transparency or the ability to add separators RocketDock make a good choice to launch applications.



WindowBlinds is a utility not only to customize your desktop is much more. Also known for years, it is a proprietary software license and be done with it costs $ 19.95. However, we have a fully functional version of Preben we can try and maybe we do decide to buy the full version.

One of the biggest advantages over other products not only that we can customize everything about your desktop and appearance of the system, but is so known because it will not be difficult to find a skin in the network and can download thousands of them.



Another classic. Rainmeter is a utility that allows us to use different skins or skins to display various system statistics in gadgets that appear on the desktop. With it you can, for example, see the use of battery and processor or see at a glance the amount of free memory.

However it is possible to show external elements such as the contents of a feed of news, agadget that will help us take quick notes or a media player built directly on your desktop, and, perhaps, strategically placed to “blend in” with our fund screen.

Rainmeter is free, GNU GPL licensed and is open source, so the possibilities are endless.Almost enough that you do a search including Rainmeter as a keyword and you will find all types of skins, utilities and modifications. This is perhaps the most powerful program in the list.



This application serves exactly the same as above with the small difference that is a module designed preferences for Mac OS X. Therefore, we can show all kinds of information on the desktop depending on the extensions or pluins we select.

Monitor the processor load or memory on our server is now possible with a glance. A utility also rejoice and let us help you personalize your desktop. We may also create your own scripts to launch the applications you want. Definitely worth a try.


Cairo Dock

Also known as Glx-Dock is a dock bar Rocket Dock style but for Linux, fully open source and will allow applications that want to include, in addition to a number of plugins that extend and enhance.

Its three large letters are the utility, simplicity and versatility. Needless to say we can fully customize the position, and we can also have as many docks as you want displayed.


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