Basic Optimization Tips for Your Facebook Page

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Facebook Page is an important tool for businesses, as they provide an excellent way of establishing a presence on the world’s leading social network. With Facebook providing a huge audience for any business, it should be no surprise that its Facebook Page option created such a buzz when it was launched to the public. As news of Facebook’s arguably most popular feature spread, business owners and marketers hurried around for a piece of the cake.

Simply having a Facebook Page for your profile is far from sufficient though. Your Facebook Page also needs to be properly optimized regardless of the nature of your business. With social factors becoming more and more ingrained in search engines, it is absolutely crucial for any business to know how to make the most of its Facebook Page. As such, before you even start considering launching paid campaigns on everybody’s favorite social network, you need to ensure that your Facebook Page is actually optimized. The following tips will help you to do that.

Using a custom Landing Tab as Default

By default, Facebook loads the Info tab but it also lets you set any other tab as the default one. However, you can also create your own tab and set it as your default. You should actually jump on this option as it allows you to create a visually pleasant layout that will make it more likely for a visitor to actually click the infamous Like button.

The custom landing tab moreover allows you to place links to various parts of your website, thereby actually allowing you to place more focus on your strategic pages. This in turn means that users are more likely to visit your website’s most important pages. A great example is the Coca Cola Facebook Page (pictured below).

You can also view BlogoTech’s default landing tab here.

Let Facebook users post on your wall

One mistake many businesses do as soon as they have created their Facebook page is to change their settings so that only a handful of users can actually post new updates on their wall. Their motives for doing so never vary as they apprehend visitors posting spam on their wall or even blatantly calling them out for a defective product or horrible customer service.

However, it is a much better idea to let any Facebook user post on your wall. This allows your page to be more frequently updated with new comments and also lets people know that you are actually listening to them instead of just “being there”. Of course, you do need to moderate your wall at all times to ensure no vulgar or inappropriate content is being posted but you will soon find that this does not happen as often as you were led to think.

Setting the URL for your Facebook Page

Once your Facebook page has received 25 likes, you have the option to choose a shorter URL that better corresponds to your business. Update: Facebook has removed the 25 likes restriction for pages to get a username. Obviously, in most instances, you will try to set your business name as the URL. In these cases, there is indeed no better optimization technique than to match your Facebook Page URL with your business name as it allows people to more easily find your page.

However, it may not always be possible to do so as the page URL you want may be already taken. In other cases, it may be too long or violate Facebook’s policy. When this happens, you must try to keep your URL as simple as possible. For example, using word separators such as a fullstop only makes your URL needlessly long and harder to remember. Go for capitalization to indicate different words, but keep your Facebook Page URL simple and easy to remember.

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