Best 8 Ways by Which Pocket TV Turns Televisions into Android Devices

The Pocket TV is a microcomputer and is generally the size of a thumb. You can connect it to your TV’s HDMI port to convert your TV into an Android device or smart TV. What makes Pocket TV a unique technology is the fact that it has high processing power that helps you turn your television into a large sized tablet. Furthermore, this allows you to display the technology of Android on the TV.  This would be more convenient than Cable.TV

Pocket TV

Pocket TV is said to be replacing the use of Android devices. When Android device users can get everything from a single smart TV, they will prefer using turning their televisions into Android devices with the help of Pocket TV.

When it comes to using android devices, many people look for the most common applications. Previously, these applications can be used with the help of smartphones only. However, the advent of Pocket TV helps Android users enjoy the same applications with a new dimension.

The Pocket TV turns a television into a smart TV in the following ways:

1. Video Streaming

With your Pocket TV, you can imagine watching a YouTube video on your own TV instead of your computer screen. Obviously, using a large screen television for video streaming is the best option you can have. Rather than watching videos on your smartphone or tablet, you can now enjoy more on the theater system with 1080P resolution.

2. Music

It is not all about streaming videos through a television. By using the Pocket TV, you can listen to your favorite music as it also plays its role in streaming. This way, you can play all content which is already on your computer. Furthermore, users can go beyond getting access to downloaded music. This also includes TV shows, movies, as well as your pictures of a great holiday right on the home TV system.

3. Gaming

Now, there is no need to wait a lot for Angry Birds in PS3 or Xbox360 when you already have the game on your own Pocket TV. Obviously, strategy games and racing games will be more fun while playing on the large-screen TV rather than on smartphones. This means that you can enjoy the experience of gaming more on your pocket TV.

4. Social Media

Pocket TV is a smart invention for all those who have been addicted to social media for a long time. Though connecting to friends can easily been done by using your smartphone, the Pocket TV will provide you an entirely different experience to communicate to people in your social circle.

5. News

This feature is mostly useful for the BBC and CNN fans. If you are one of them, then using a Pocket TV is a must-have for you. Your smart TV will provide you the exact news you are looking for, i.e. which story you want and when do you really want it.

If you are not addicted to watching news, then you have an option of accessing your news feed with Pulse, Google Currents, etc. Spanish speakers can try this website for deals on the Dish Latino range of channels.

6. Work

Previously, no one could ever imagine working at home with the help of their home TV. However, Pocket TV now offers you the same, making it a reality. After turning your TV into a smart TV with the help of your Pocket TV, you can read PDFs, edit documents, conduct video conferences, as well as send emails.

7. Google Maps

Though it is not possible to take your TV with you wherever you go, using Google maps can still be easier when done with the help of a Pocket TV. You can know about the directions of places by using the satellite imaging on your plasma TV.

8. Web Browsing

When you sync Opera or Dolphin browser with that of your laptop, you can get the advantage of web browsing in your smart TV. All you need to do is to plug the device into your home TV. Spanish speakers can try this website for deals on the Dish Latino range of channels.

The above mentioned ways of turning your TV into an Android device reveal that advancements in technology have set to improve lifestyles. By getting access to everything with your home theater TV, you can get everything from gaming to connecting to the internet. With so many uses, it is expected that the adaption and acceptance of Pocket TV will increase with the passage of time.

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