Best Things About the Samsung Galaxy SII

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The Samsung Galaxy SII has been around for more than half a year now and it is still proving to be a highly popular smartphone. It has already beaten the record set by its predecessor, the Galaxy S, for being the biggest selling Android phone of all time. Only the iPhone really competes against it in terms of sales. So what is so great about this phone and why are so many people rushing to get Samsung Galaxy SII deals?

Faster than iPhone 4

The Galaxy SII is a hugely capable phone and comes with a dual core 1.2GHz processor that blows most other devices out of the water. This phone is super quick and so we thoroughly love it. The Samsung has a dual core as we’ve mentioned, the iPhone 4 only has a single core 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM , half that of the amazingly powerful Galaxy SII.

This has been changed by Apple with the new iPhone 4S, as they have now introduced a 1GHz dual core chip and improved GPU. While the GPU perhaps outperforms the one found on the SII, the Galaxy phone still offers up more raw speed for better performance.

Better screen than an HTC

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy SII by far surpasses anything that HTC can throw at it. HTC’s best screens are qHD displays. Although they have a higher resolution they are just not as wonderful as the Super AMOLED Plus screen of the Galaxy SII.

This screen is 480×800 (WVGA) instead of 540×960, though its brightness, clarity and sharpness of picture push it far to the fore of the mobile phone game and make it the screen of choice for browsing or watching footage on. Its 4.3 inch screen is also far larger than that of the iPhone yet just as good for quality.

Looks – better than any Android

The SII is also a looker. The phone borrows from the gorgeous iPhone, manages to be slimmer, have a larger screen and is also lighter. The central button is attractive and the phone is a lovely looking device that fits beautifully into the hand and really comes out on top over the ugly and blocky Android alternatives on the market

OS better than previous Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung have really improved the Android experience on this latest Galaxy phone. The TouchWiz interface on the Galaxy S left a lot to be desired as it felt heavy and had a number of needless applications we couldn’t see a point for. The SII comes with a far tidier interface and offers a far more customisable user experience thanks to the improved Gingerbread Android it runs on.

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