5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Blogging

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In this article, we are going to cover 5  blogging mistakes that you should not do. We all need money and this is the biggest reason due to which a person may start his own blog. However, you should keep a few things in your mind so that you can make your blogging experience successful.

blogging mistakes


1. Blogging for money

You can easily find such people that blog only for money. Of course, money is the basic need of a human being and as I said above,” most of the people blog, just to make money.” Even if you are blogging to make money then you should not tell your visitors about it. A blog made just to earn money will speak for itself and believe me, nobody will be interested to visit your blog once they will get the hint that this is not for them but for the money.

2. No frequent updates

If you want to succeed as a blogger then you have to be consistent. So many bloggers fail just because they couldn’t update their blog consistently. Your readers want to hear something from your now and then and if you can’t provide them with frequent updates then they will consider you dead. To avoid this situation, you should start updating your blog on regular basis.

3. Over Monetizing

It is good to monetize your blog but you should not over monetize it. If you are already using an Ads service on your blog then you should not use any other Ads service along with it. This will distract your audience and seriously, this is really a bad thing about blogging that you should never do. Try to provide clean, clear and quality content to your readers. The content should not only be to the point but it should look good to the eyes as well. Over monetizing your blog will destroy the look of your blog and it is of no good to you.

4. No Proof Reading

I have seen so many blogger who don’t care about proof reading. If you will not pay attention towards proof reading then your visitors will start pointing out the mistake in your article rather than commenting on the issue that has been discussed by you in your article. The easiest way to eliminate this element is to read your article in loud voice after writing it. It will help you to eliminate that part of the content that doesn’t make any sense.

5. Writing for Search Engines

While blogging, you should not forget that your posts have to be read by humans not search engines. Although, search engines spiders will crawl into your content but they are not going to get benefit from it. So, you should start writing for humans not search engines.
If you will keep above mentioned things in your mind then blogging will become a lot easier for you and this is a guarantee that you will not have to face failure during your blogging experience. If you are a new to Blogging, you can also refer Blogging tips for Novice Bloggers.

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